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    Moving from Iphone 4 (started with 3) to Lumia 920.
    Tech level - I am a MCITP EA

    I purchased 2, Cyan for wife and red for myself. The Matt Cyan is awesome and feels great. The red looks like its more of a burnt orange and slick, I will be buying a case as soon as they come out.

    I had a GREAT experience with AT&T tech support. I am pointing this out as I know a lot of people have not. My wife's phone worked great right out of the box. My phone had a bad SIM card. After going round and round with AT&T Tech support, they told me to go to my local store and exchange. However my local store is not an official AT&T store. They said I might have to buy one or I can wait and they will ship a new SIM overnight. I told them I would call the store and see first. I hung up and was getting my shoes on, I did not call as I planned to just go there. I get a call from the AT&T customer service rep who I spoke with the first time. I explained what they said, he said he would take off $40 off my bill right now to cover any cost I may have. He also removed the upgrade fee for both phones.

    I got the SIM replaced at the store for no cost. Very helpful :)

    The phones. My wife managed to totally lockup her phone 5minutes after she got it. Found the reset and all is fine now. Ill try and break things down in categories.

    Ease of Use (1 really super easy, 10 holy cow hard)
    7 - 8 = Basically it just takes time to learn the OS, after 15min I was fine and no problems. but for less techy people it might take longer. There is a learning curve.

    Physical phone itself (1 do not like it, 10 Awesome I'd trade the wife for another one)
    8-9 = the color is little off for me. The placement of the power button had me turning it off when I did not want too.

    Transfer of Music from Itunes to Lumia (1 crap it crashed, 10 woop, there it is!)
    10 - WOOP, I picked out what I wanted, music, playlist..etc and its all there.

    Integration with Ford MyTouch (1 none, nope, forget it, 10 working peerrrfeectly)
    2 - :( I can listen to music only via blue tooth, doesn't recognize phone. Will be contacting Ford to find out when they will update it.

    Win8 OS (1 Bleh, 10 I'm a fanboi)
    9 - I'm close to being a total fanboi :)
    I love the live tiles and it just looks a ton better than IOS or Android. My opinion :)

    Regrets, problems, issues....
    Nothing major, would like to see everyone's issue fixed. I also would like the phones promoted better in the store. While I was in the store someone asked about what phones they had. The sales person said android, IOS and the new Windows phone. His response, I do not a Windows phone. To me, they need to show people the phone and let them play with it.

    Looking forward to when some cases come out :)
    11-13-2012 01:00 PM