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    Hey guys,

    I got my L920 yesterday wanted to share a few things


    1. I love how I can pin people to my start screen and get e-mail notifications. I pinned important people in my company and I can see a static tile counter if they sent me an e-mail or message

    2. ME tile notifications seem to be on point now very fast

    3. Overall the OS is a lot faster smoother experience


    1. The new start screen animation gives me a headache not used to it

    2. The WP8 and Win8 experience is not as similar as I thought it would. Both share a common interface but in terms of similar functionality its not there yet.


    1. Awesome screen

    2. Low light is different than no light just wanted to point that out. I thought I can take a pic of a no light situation and get good results well can't do that.

    3. Not heavy at all feels rock solid.

    Things I would like to see

    1. Better use of Large tiles I like how in WP8 I get 2 - 3 notifications with my Live Tiles.
    11-14-2012 03:01 PM