1. davide445's Avatar
    I was just having a look to WP Central homepage and notice the new article "A holistic look at the Lumia 920 and its apps and services".

    Interesting article, but appear to me a bit scratching the glass to find something new to say on a phone and its ecosystem that was reviewed ages ago and its also the most compared on the net.

    Correct all the marketing pressure on a device that obviously will be the comparison stone against flagship devices of the concurrent OS such as iPhone 5 for iOS and Samsung G3 for Android, but still...no anything anywhere on a device such as HTC 8S?

    I don't know the top devices market share but sure if WP8 want to catch up with iOS at least (not considering Android market that its not comparable considering the huge amount of devices and different licensing terms) they need also some medium level device, and 8S its the only one on the market right now.
    11-15-2012 05:41 AM