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    Ok here's the issue, I have a win XP computer, with zune i could load movies i bought on my xbox to my phone, now that zune no longer works with WP8 I cant load any movies i bought on my Xbox to my phone, now i realize that MS has stopped supporting XP, and I'm OK with that, yes i need to upgrade to Win8 and will when $$ allow, however, i have tried to see if ANYONE even on Win8 can load zune movies onto their phone.

    Now I'm not a programmer or developer, but why cant MS let smartglass transfer movies and music bought on zune to the phone?? or since WP8 can be read as mass storage why cant we plug our phones into the usb port on the xbox and transfer zune purchases that way, all I'm saying is that MS needs to do something to allow us access to all of our purchases on zune on our phones, i have spent large sums of money on movies loving the fact that i can watch them on my phone, I just feel it cant be that hard for MS to figure out a feasible way for us to have full access to all our purchases even us poor folk that still use Win XP

    sorry didnt mean to rant, love my 920 but this has really gotten under my skin
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