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    Pardon the cheesy thread title. :P

    I am in a class in which we will be making an advertisement. The product I will be focusing on is Windows Phone 8. I meant to go to a store or something before the assignment, but I never got a chance. Things got too crazy. =/ I'd like to get pictures of people with their Windows Phone 8 devices and I haven't seen any on the web that I really like yet and I haven't seen any Windows Phone 8 devices in the wild yet, so I'm out of luck there. If any of you would be interested in shooting a picture of you with your Windows Phone 8 device, you could post it here or you could PM it to me. This advertisement will not actually be posted anywhere. It would just be for educational purposes.

    To open up the discussion to everybody here, what is it that you think makes Windows Phone 8 unique? For those who currently own Windows Phone 8 devices, what have other peoples' reactions to your devices been like?


    11-16-2012 02:53 AM

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