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    So I am planning on getting my first smart phone and was set on a WP8 phone. At first glance it looked like a slam dunk, I am a windows, msn email, skype, and xbox 360 user and I have nothing invested in either iOS or Android ecosystems. I am also not hooked on any apps, so the lack of any one App (WP8 reviewers biggest noted problem) is of no concern to me. The idea of easily syncing my Xbox, PC, and Phone is really appealing. Also, mobile office?

    The problem? I just upgraded from Windows XP to Windows 7 a few months ago, and I really like it. I have no desire at all to switch to Windows 8 on my PC. So that means Xbox Music will work on my Xbox and my Phone but not my PC. Then I find out Xbox Video wont actually work on WP8. So now it seems like I will be using a patch work of different software after all. So where is the advantage of unifying the Xbox, PC, and Smartphone?

    Other concerns:
    They ran out of time to do a notification centre? Is this Microsoft or the a Local Lemon-aid Stand?
    WIFI wont work while phone is sleeping, what if I trying to download something? Do I not receive notifications while sleeping then?
    Sounds like Xbox Music while a great idea, hasn't been fully built yet and is half as good as Zune (which I liked)?
    There is no actual stock of any phones (Ontario). I know this happens with any phone, but that's usually cause they sold not, not because they just didn't get any phones until week or 2 after launch. Oh and when it does come in stock, it will only be in 1 colour even though it could be in all these awesome different colours. I know this one isn't Microsoft's fault exactly, but it's a bit of a tease.
    Are all WP8 devices getting voiced turn by turn directions eventually, or will I have to buy an app for that if I don't go with Nokia?
    Syncing overall seems to be a huge mess?
    I really haven't heard much about Mobile Office, do people like it or what? Is there a problem opening PDFs?
    Is there really no FM/AM radio on smart phones these days?
    Add all other problems listed elsewhere in this forum that make it sound like this is more a live beta test than actual product, which seems to be the growing trend in the software industry these days. I was just expecting Microsoft to be a bit above that.

    The top uses I envisioned for the phone were:
    Music Player
    Mobile Browsing
    Mobile Office and Email
    GPS and Map
    Lite Gaming

    Can it do these things well and easily? I am ready to go all-in on Microsoft's software portfolio but is it ready?

    At this point I am still planning on giving it a chance, assuming stock eventually comes in. I guess my main concern is if this is just growing pains that will be sorted out or if WP8 is just a second rate product that isn't important to Microsoft? Are they going to fix this stuff and if so how quickly? If I stay on Windows 7 am I just perma screwed? If windows 8 flops on PC (like Vista) are they going to abandon it? Are they focused on the tablet, PC, xbox 360 (future 720), and then phone or are they actually going to support this thing?
    11-19-2012 10:46 PM
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    I will tell you what I would tell anyone else. If you want to do it then just go for it. You get a return period so if you do not like it you can take it back.
    It's all growing pains as of right now. Every smartphone OS go's through them. IOS didn't even support applications when it first came out. Microsoft has been tripping over them selves to get Windows Phone 8 out before the holidays and it has caused alot of other companies to trip over themselves as well. WP8 has a huge new selection of development tools and I am confidint that the application front of windows phone will improve 10 fold in the next six months.

    PDF's require a seperate application to open them, but the support is there. The office apps seem nice but I haven't had the need to use them. AM/FM doesn't sell smartphones. With internet radio you don't need it anyway. Wifi not working while sleeping isn't a big deal it will function just fine in sleep mode using mobile data. I don't really see the need for wifi access on a phone when it isn't in use. I have had no problems with synching.

    The OS runs like butter and has enough features to make it a comfortably sustainable OS. I wouldn't say it's a beta test as the system works just fine for me.
    11-19-2012 11:56 PM
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    Just to help some, if you're downloading an app over WiFi it will keep the connection awake to complete the download.
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    11-20-2012 12:00 AM
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    Maybe you should give it six months and check back on the status of WP8. By the way, you should have upgraded from XP to Windows 8 . For $45 its a steal and you are getting a better Windows 7 desktop. Its a limited time offer so will be paying full whack if you decide to upgrade next year.
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    11-20-2012 05:27 AM
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    I upgraded to Windows 7 in May when I built a new PC, and even if windows 8 was available I would have preferred windows 7. Without a touch screen monitor I just don't see the point of upgrading to windows 8? Anyway, my concern is more that Microsoft is going to shaft Windows 7 users with lack of integration. They've announced Xbox Music for iOS and Android but not Windows 7? Brutal. They seem more concerned about pushing their Apps to other platforms than their own Windows 7. Where is Xbox Video for PC and WP8? I can't take Xbox Music and Video seriously until they are actually available across all major platforms. For me, the point of buying a purely digital copy of something is the ability to play it on any of my electronics (PC, xbox, phone, stereo, etc.) In the end I guess it doesn't really matter, most of these streaming services are a complete rip off still. $120 a year (on top of xbox live fees) is ridiculous, money would be much better spent actually buying 10-15 CDs and not worrying about it working across platforms.

    Data isn't cheap in Canada, the carriers here gouge you for it. Wifi is definitely the better option, especially since I will access to it most of the time. Online streaming of radio is ok but you do run into problems with live sports and broadcast boundaries.

    I am not looking for a phone in 6 months, I am looking now, and I plan to keep it for the next 2-3 years. Anyway they still have no stock of any actual WP8 phones... "warehouse" problems. There is still too much about WP8 that appeals to me not to wait for stock and try it. So I will give it a chance.

    Alot of these issue are just too reminiscent with Xbox Live. The Xbox 360 was released in 2005, they have just now added IE. 7 years to add a browser and still its rather crappy. Pretty much all relevant apps that have been added to the Xbox have been done in the last 1-2 years. I am just kinda worried that the Windows Phone is going to get the same kinda of treatment, tightly locked down,controlled, and on the back burner until they decide to care. Even today the Xbox Live experience is pitiful if you compare it to a smart phone.
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