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    My wife uploaded a video she's taken with the Lumia 920 last night to skydrive and shared it to a friend with an iPhone. Worked perfectly. However, she then sent the link to me as well and tried it herself as well. Both her and my Lumia 920 would not play the video file with an error: "Sorry, we can't play the file on your phone". That is either a feature, a sad case of sarcasm or pure incompetence. We then sent the file as an attachment via email, opened the attachment in the email on the phone and got the same error message.
    Then try to tell your iPhone friend to buy a WP8 phone because it's so much better. face palm.

    can somebody shed some light into this?
    Something similar here:

    sorry, just saw that this has been posted already:
    Moderator, please merge if you believe this is clutter. apologies.
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