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    Went to send an MMS over the weekend (for the first time) and it didn't work. It just tells me the message can't be sent and to try again.

    Figured it might be something to do with the MMS settings, so tan Network Setup app from Nokia (I'm using a Lumia 710) but that hasn't helped at all.

    I notice of I go into the apn settings in the network setup app, that all fields - including internet - are blank.
    Thing is, internet and sms are working fine, so where are those settings stored that I can't see? I don't want to start faffing with manually adding apn stuff in case it messes up the other functions (internet and sms) that are working fine.

    Anyone else had this issue at all? I'd assumed that when I bought this phone from new (along with a new micro sim card) that as it all appeared to set itself up fine, that mms should work as well? Thanks for any help
    12-10-2012 12:45 AM

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