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    I need help trying to find a new phone. I've been using windows phone since the release of the samsung focus and once my focus broke, I bought a HTC one v to use while I wait for the release of wp8. After 4 months of use, I can't stand the lag. I've install custom roms, over clocked and reset the phone and it still suffers from major lag and crashing. Since the AT&T 920 can't be unlocked yet and might not be till 5 months from now, I need a phone to replace this crappy one v with. I hoping to spend less than $350 with tax on the phone but I can go up to $450. I would prefer wp8 than any other platform as I'm a developer for it. I don't care about LTE as I don't have a data plan. I've considered the 8s and maybe waiting a month for the 620. I know the nexus 4 is super cheap, but it is nearly impossible for me to buy it at $300. So, if you know a cheap phone that doesn't slow down, please TELL ME!!!
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