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    Hi, we got three new HTC Radars in the household at Christmas.

    On the first one, I spotted a "Download Maps" option and successfully downloaded a map.

    But today I tried to do the same on the other two phones but there is no sign of the Download Maps option.

    And now I cannot find the Download Maps option on the first phone.

    Any ideas where the option has gone, and how to get it back?

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    I'm wondering what's going on with this one.

    I can find no mention in the HTC radar user manual about downloading maps. And no mention or sign of it on any of the four WP7.5 phones in the house, including my own.

    But it was definitely there.

    One of the first things I did on switching on the phone from new was to look in Settings > Maps (at least from memory that's how I got there) and there was a Download Maps option. I chose the United Kingdom map, it said to plug in the charger before starting the download, and I downloaded it. It gave the file size as 433 or 443 MB and took about 25 minutes to download, I think.

    The Windows Phone app on the Mac shows the expected amount of memory used by Music, Photos and Videos, and the "Other Content" is listed as 1.27GB. I don't think I've used anything like that with downloading apps so I'm guessing the UK map is part of the 1.27GB of other content.

    But as far as I can see, the downloaded UK map isn't getting used by the Maps app. So is that just wasted space? If so, how do I delete the downloaded UK map?

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    Have a look at the HTC Locations app. This is where you download the maps, be quick though, you only get a 30 day trial then you have to pay! I deleted mine without issues. Hope this helps
    12-29-2012 03:20 PM
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    Hi MancFox,

    Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. (Got to be a pun or even a joke in there somewhere.)

    It's my first Windows Phone - so a fair amount to take in, especially with the distractions of Christmas. (Well, that's my excuse.)

    OK, I'm all sorted out now. Although the Locations map seems a bit ropey it might be useful enough in situations without wifi or a signal. (Not planning on using it for turn-by-turn or anything, so can't see teh 30-day trial aspect being an issue.) So with that and Maps for normal use (and the A-Z London Visitors app) I think I'm covered.

    Thanks again.

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