03-31-2015 08:35 AM
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  1. anon(123856)'s Avatar
    I may be one of the fringe people. I am a former Windows Mobile, Blackberry and Android user. I see WP8 as, and this is just my opinion, a Blackberry on steroids. The things I use a cell phone for, WP8 does really well. I make calls, text, use email, maps and occasional web browsing. My 822 does all this and provides great battery life as well. I don't use any social networking crap and don't really care about games or music on my phone either, so it suits me perfectly. I realize I am in the minority as far as usage patterns go. But for me it's core functions are pretty good. Sure, there are a couple of things that bug me, but they aren't freezing, crashing, or bloatware. I'd like to be able to sync my browser bookmarks and have a file manager. Storing something other than pix, vids or music on the sd card would be nice too. The one thing I struggled with on Android was Gmail, for me it was surprising how bad it was on an Android phone. The client was awful and it was unbelievably slow connecting and sending (could have been Verizon's less than stellar 3G network though). Again, I know I'm may be in the minority, but I'm happy with it overall.
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    04-06-2013 04:08 PM
  2. fardream's Avatar
    For a feature lacking mobile OS like windows phone 8, it should be fairly easy to update the system frequently (like adding separate volume control). Yet nearly half year after the platform is released to masses, we got only minor updates like WiFi always on. The major issues with the OS, like Xbox music and exchange ActiveSync, are not even acknowledged by Microsoft.

    At this pace of updating, when are we even to be on par with, like, iOS4? When can we really have a synced 3 screen music video experience (I paid 99 dollars for a lie that Xbox music will be cloud synced)? Are there even hope?
    04-07-2013 03:43 AM
  3. ChMar's Avatar
    A new update is coming. It's MS way that beside some system changes that you can't modify you should have the ability to replicate what they do. The are gaps in the API and any major update will force apps developer to make new version. A 6 month update cycle or longer is far more suited at this point.

    It's really counter productive to launch a series of fast updates with very small improvements than a updates spaced at longer intervals with more features. Any modifications must be checked for correctness then checked for usability(which means groups study with normal people). You have to explore different variants choose the better one and do the implementation and the battery of tests. All this while giving time for OEMs to recover from their development cycle from the firmware and not stress carriers and overwhelm them with a string of endless updates.

    I don't think the rest of OSs receive updates more frequently
    04-07-2013 04:51 AM
  4. Coolknight1968's Avatar
    We are the normal people! We are less stupid than most think.

    MS should do incremental upgrades to small features and release them with the unlocked, unbranded devices. It should be the policy that locked devices get major updates and unlocked devices continuous updates.

    If WP8 is to succeed, you have to get the customer to be willing to 'buy' his device in any market. Then carriers will be more willing to offer good deals and to promote WP8.
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    04-07-2013 05:06 AM
  5. ammarmalik2011's Avatar
    There's a rumour that Lumia 928 will come with the GDR2 update. The phone is suppose to be announced by the end of this month so I suppose the next update is in a month or two.
    04-07-2013 05:33 AM
  6. fardream's Avatar
    A new update is coming. It's MS way that beside some system changes that you can't modify you should have the ability to replicate what they do. The are gaps in the API and any major update will force apps developer to make new version. A 6 month update cycle or longer is far more suited at this point.

    It's really counter productive to launch a series of fast updates with very small improvements than a updates spaced at longer intervals with more features. Any modifications must be checked for correctness then checked for usability(which means groups study with normal people). You have to explore different variants choose the better one and do the implementation and the battery of tests. All this while giving time for OEMs to recover from their development cycle from the firmware and not stress carriers and overwhelm them with a string of endless updates.

    I don't think the rest of OSs receive updates more frequently
    but iOs and Android are at least feature complete. I don't care what schedule they are on, i am not on msft's payroll - I paid $99 for Xbox music subscription and for the better half of the year it's useless - and it is absurd that my purchased Xbox video cannot be viewed on windows phone despite their ad.
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    04-07-2013 11:09 AM
  7. gerzhwin's Avatar
    Good points. I am just new to WP and generally enjoying the OS experience, but agree that its lacking of some fundamental possibilities in the area of customisation.
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    04-07-2013 11:13 AM
  8. fardream's Avatar
    There's a rumour that Lumia 928 will come with the GDR2 update. The phone is suppose to be announced by the end of this month so I suppose the next update is in a month or two.
    but basically we don't know what GDR2 will bring to the table - and I highly doubt MSFT can bring windows phone on par featurewise with this update
    04-07-2013 11:14 AM
  9. jomarr's Avatar
    I would really love a background color customization. I can live without it but it would be so AWESOME!!

    and Play counts once again. Or at least syncing of playcounts to iTunes.
    04-07-2013 11:28 AM
  10. Dantekai14's Avatar
    My WP8 experience

    It is fast,fluid & unique.
    But here the story end of WP8.

    All geek user never gonna like WP, for them Android is best and same goes to games/apps lover. Many games/apps which are paid in WP are free in Android.

    Microsoft intentionally skip features and save it for next update(Download manager,file manager). User also say it is simple but lots of things are very complicated.

    When Microsoft start taking customer seriously and make OS according to their need then only WP become successful.
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    04-07-2013 11:59 AM
  11. phirefly's Avatar
    Now that WP is picking up some steam I think Microsoft needs to make some changes in how they handle SMS and Facebook chat along with other things like WhatsApp. As we all know Microsoft likes to consolidate services on the backend using the cloud and present them to your phone in a nice easy feed. WP8 opened up the video calling to outside apps and they can now integrate into your contacts and dialer app. They need to do the same thing with SMS or really improve the cloud portion of SMS. The Facebook chat is a bit too iffy to really count on right now and if they just made it a plug in interface then we would truly have the Facebook home experience. I get individual messages sent to me via fb chat but if someone includes anyone else I don't see it since I stick to the people hub for my feeds. By opening up SMS to third parties Whatsapp could plug right in instead of being a separate app and so could Facebook and maybe Facebook would take wp a little more serious since they could integrate the way the seem to really want to. I understand the need early on to integrate these things themselves since we've all seem how hard it is for WP to be taken seriously by developers. I feel like we are finally making progress and opening this up like they did with video calling apps would only help advance the platform and increase user satisfaction.
    04-08-2013 09:56 AM
  12. Gaichuke's Avatar
    Microsoft should allow more freedom to choose text and background colors, and possibly fonts as well. The options seem so painless to implement, and won't affect performance at all. Why won't they allow for more customization? A color wheel, or hex values. Anything is better than just black or white. You can pick your own font, or at least the size of the font. The text size in WP can be overbearing and the cutoffs hinder readability. It's form over function. Let people choose how big they want the text, which allows them to see more without scrolling. Samsung's Android phones have customizable text fonts and sizes and of course, all the backgrounds can be customized and the entire launcher ignored for a third party one. I'm not saying overhaul the metro experience, but allowing simple customizations like font and color changes should be simple and will not comprommise the aesthetic or performance. They should think about putting these tweaks in the next update.

    Microsoft's products are becoming increasingly more frustrating to use. Windows Phone is even more restrictive than iOS, the least malleable of the smartphone platforms. I roll my eyes every time I see those WP commercials where they say the phone is fine tailored for YOU. Windows 8 is also a gigantic step back. No one likes it and it feels like you are getting a toddler version of Windows that can't do anything and all the settings and features have disappeared, stripped down to a simple UI and nothing else. It works fine for tablets, but forcing it on desktops and laptops is idiotic. That's why so many PCs at Newegg have astericks saying you can downgrade to Windows 7, because apparently that is a selling point now.
    This is very easy to answer.

    Fonts: When the UI revolves around typographic design, the font choice has to be made carefully. It would also be detrimental for the platform if people could show other people their new WP8 with Comic Sans as an installed font.

    Text size: You already can adjust the text size in the accessibility options.

    Color: This is due to several UX related considerations. One, not all colors work with Live Tiles so there has to be elimination of the colors that would result in illegible text. Two, color wheel pickers do not work with touchscreens since a thumb is not as accurate as mouse pointer is. Hex values, seriously? That would be a horrible choice. There will be an option to fine tune the selected color in an upcoming update though.
    04-10-2013 12:38 AM
  13. justforsabbath's Avatar
    I feel if Microsoft can iron out certain aspects of the OS I am sure it can gain a lot of success among consumers. To be honest Windows Phone 8 is really a unique excellent OS but somehow there hasn't been enough luck going their way.

    1) Solving the Notification Issues.
    2) Eliminate the confusion of Windows Phone 8, Windows RT, Windows 8 Pro (Lets have only 2 OS, one for the Mobile and tablets and Other for the Desktop)
    3) USB support for Windows phone, so that various interfaces and other accessories can work with WP8. Just like how it is for iOS.
    4) Getting the most essential apps and games running on their platform.

    Hope Microsoft can work some magic with their next update for their existing Windows Phone 8 line up.
    04-14-2013 07:02 AM
  14. broar94's Avatar
    Need rotation lock and task manager along with ability to stop any task. Hope these will be implemented soon.
    04-14-2013 04:06 PM
  15. svenhassel's Avatar
    i am the developer of "Week View 8" wanted to ask you, if you like to try my app: Week View 8 | Windows Phone Apps+Games Store (United States)

    It has a free trial and all the features that were mentioned in this thread.
    - Week View (of course ;) )
    - Month View with readable text
    - Search for appointments
    - Configurable Live tiles that show the next 5 appointments
    - Filters, Replacements, Windows Live Calendar categories and much more...just try it.

    If you add a lock screen option, with multiple appointments, you can take my money!
    04-15-2013 01:37 PM
  16. Choco_Lab's Avatar
    Almost put this in the "Right track" thread, but I'll put it here...

    Got a used 920 that was bricked, and Nokia was good enough to send me a refurb that works perfectly. Have tried it for a couple weeks on wifi now. What I think WP needs to succeed is to take care of all the little rough edges. The OS overall is amazing and I love the different and much better look compared to Android/iOS. It's just cool. But little things like no orientation lock are driving me crazy. Also, as one other example, there's a site I like that podcasts its radio show in downloadable MP3 format, but on WP I can't download the links. These should be simple things to fix and I'm surprised MS hasn't taken care of them.

    So I'm afraid their downfall won't be the lack of apps -- though I miss some of those, I think I can work around most of them until they appear -- but the little issues that become major irritants. At some people the mainstream user will decide it's not worth it even as incredible as the OS looks.
    04-20-2013 03:54 PM
  17. Anurag Gandhi's Avatar
    Why doesn't it have a feature as basic as the ability to scrub through a song/video with your finger? Who likes holding the keys to move back and forth when listening to several hour long podcasts? It's an extremely old and pretty much common feature. And worst part is, i couldn't even find an app which allowed me to do this. I mean i know the OS is still new but c'mon, this is not hard to implement by any means and i cannot understand how they could miss such an important thing. Bringing VCR and cassette functionality to a smartphone is an absolute embarrassment for the future of an OS that is facing extremely tough competition from all sides.
    04-21-2013 12:34 PM
  18. scotf123's Avatar
    I come from the webOS world so wp8 is all new. My major problems are: inability to play wav files (voicemail meassages sent as wav), inability to search calendar entries and inability to format live tiles (change the way the tile works). I have a lumia 620 and am pleased with the way Nokia has presented the os. If anyone knows of a workaround for the wav problem, I'd appreciate the input. It's become a large issue.
    04-21-2013 01:11 PM
  19. sheldork's Avatar
    Orientation lock

    Customizing the live tile interface (The font is too huge & only the largest tile will actually display any useful information, That sucks!)

    A quick way of toggling wifi / data / bluetooth such stuff which saves battery & money

    A better music player to add playlist on the fly, to have control on forwarding, seeking & controlling volume (I understand minimalistic but hey, c'mon!)

    A unified search

    Better cut copy paste

    An added optional number keypad which could be invoked from the qwerty

    A web browser which has the Find feature

    A way better landscape keyboard (open a text & flip your phone to landscape, one can only see the box where we type & the keyboard)

    A overall better screen estate / space usage, fonts on a few things are so obnoxiously huge, that I feel that I am too dumb / have sight issues

    The text box on the bing search page to be at the bottom instead of top (Imagine what an exercise it would be for an Ativ user / a huge loss of business for MS as people avoid using the BING search inspite of having it as one of the 3 buttons on every windows phone)
    04-22-2013 12:47 AM
  20. Teotheboss's Avatar
    I would like to send this list directly to Nokia or Microsoft to improve this beautiful OS, so please contribute with any suggestion. The more we are, the more relevant our thread will be, so join in everybody :)
    Now the list is this:

    Wish list for future wp7.x updates:

    selectable font size for menu/message/contact list (why cut-out prople with poor or difficult visual capability?);
    selectable user mode for ringtones: general/silent/custom-editable mode;
    • more colors for tiles;
    make screenshot: why not?;
    audio problems:

    1. low ringtones volume also at 30/30;
    2. make ringtone/alerts volume separate from media one, as often videos or music are played at low volume but then I could forget to increase volume and therefore I could not hear a later incoming call... ;
    3. Nokia music player never stops after exit;
    4. why not custom ringtones also for sms, email, etc.?;

    multiple item's selection in copy&paste feature;
    selectable screen rotation (lock/unlock);

    • "draft folders" for messages;
    • big tile for time (hour, minute, date (eventually) .... And battery status. Or, at least, erase restrictions about api and libraries for app's programmers, because they actually are in the impossibility to have access to them;
    • better utilization of large calendar tile, for showing next task or appointment: why use only two lines, when others are always empty and unused?;

    • back-up of sms/mms and any other thing we need ad in wp8
    + an alternative to zune;
    usb mode for using my Phone as usb mass Storage?;
    • a kind of files Explorer? Management of memory via Phone?;
    • contact list: why can't I label Phone numbers as I like, instead of pre-set one? (example: my friend has 3 cellular numbers , no one of them is a "work number", with one of them I call for free: which is the one with imposed label name? Why must I create a new contact to solve this?);
    search button: why can't I use it to search in my phone or in contestual area of use?;
    task manager: why can't I close one or more app at my choice? This would save a lot of memory! ;
    Internet Explorer: why shall I delete either history, cookies and passwords all together and not separately? Also password storage should be enhanced
    • "Here Suite", also avaiable for wp7.8 generation; a better facebook "official" app.
    Solve notifications problems (sometimes they come after a lot of time... )
    Use voice command not only with an internet connection active, as in other o.s. , and not only in some apps;
    • White background imposed in emailBox and office app (but also in Skype too): why can't I Select black one?
    • improve 2nd home screen, giving the possibility to categorize app's list. Also, the possibility to remove the squared letters that shows it automatically when user installs more than 45 app in the phone! ;
    • separate folders for music and videos + equalizer for music;
    • % of charge in battery icon + a tile that shows that;
    • improve multitasking features;
    • selectable auto backup on skydrive for messsages and contacts.

    Wish list for future wp8 updates or, where compatible, for all the phones (in addition to preceding items):

    save office documents on sd card;
    • a notification center (not really really urgent!)
    A solution for the "others" directory
    • Unify internal and external memory so you can install apps on the sd (and solve memory problems)

    The colors of text indicate the following priorities:

    ██ = normal priority

    ██ = middle priority

    ██ = high priority (felt as fundamental by the whole users)
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    04-22-2013 08:26 AM
  21. ilabene's Avatar
    Universal search.
    04-22-2013 03:00 PM
  22. jeremy3721's Avatar
    Enjoying my new Lumia 920 buy I see a few glaring issues that need to be fixed but I can tell you my patience is pretty short. I went through all of the begging for features and trying to help market the Palm Pre a few years ago and it was a waste of time because the powers that be just didn't listen and they drug their feet maturing a good product. Hopefully microsoft will be a different story but they need to not only make sure apps are available, but they need to figure out a way to ensure the apps are up to the same standard/quality as the ios/android versions. Facebook is an example of one that is pretty bad and while I'm not a huge facebook these days the fact is MS has to do better with the obvious things or people won't switch. Why would anyone give a new platform a chance when the first app they are likely to open greets them with tiny, low res photos instead of rich side to side photos offered on every other platform. There's not even an easy way to scroll to the top of the news feed when there are updates.
    04-28-2013 01:35 AM
  23. Andre o Botelho's Avatar
    Wow! GDDR2! now WinPhones can compete with Quad Core Cortex A15 + SGX5++ Galaxy S4!!!! MS is kidding with this update, at least a MALI400MP4(2 years old quad core GPU compatible card) would make asphalt 4 appear more like on others devices.
    05-02-2013 11:34 AM
  24. andraeseus's Avatar
    i didn't even mention that, i know WP still lacks some features...my rampant was on his claim WP has a huge learning curve...read my post again lol
    Basic use of the phone is no learning curve. But there are parts that require learning. LIKE learning how to NOT have a file manager. Like learning how to NOT need a notification light system. Learning how to NOT have e a bittorent client. Learning how to not be able to download mp3 files from an email and locate those file later without having to go to your email. Learning how to make due without all the basic things every other phone has IS A HUGE LEARNING CURVE FOR SOME. Your brain isn't huge, just your ego and inability so sympathize with notions past your own. I am a I.T. professional of 6 years and cell phone enthusiast. I can talk from experience about maemo 5 android Symbian and ios AND even for me... it took a bit of getting used to just to do simple things like save a friggan playlist. There is absolutely NO part of saving a playlist that is intuitive. I like the phone. I still have mines and haven't thrown it at a wall yet but it is a slap in the face when people come on this forum and say the things we say we need are USELESS and that we don't need those things but should rather change our perspective of what we need and see the phone through crap covered glasses. How long did it take for you to learn the music hub? how long to learn why that particular hub has a cnn and weather app built into it? what's the difference between the Nokia music and the "music+videos" hub? Everything new has a learning curve and this phone is no different. Yeah some things are very intuitive but many things are not and to the average user or olders users say like my mom they will find this to be a huge learning curve
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    05-03-2013 09:09 PM
  25. andraeseus's Avatar
    There are some good reasons for not offering system-wide screen orientation lock:

    1) Windows Phone 8 does have an orientation lock, but the decision when to offer that is given to the developers, eg. they can implement an orientation lock for their applications if they wish.

    2) The same SDK offers extra options for other screen orientations. This means that developers could use it to their benefits by offering a different kind of screen views in different orientations. For example a golf app could show course information on portrait and the scorecard in landscape mode. System wide orientation lock would disable these kind of features.
    but what about the Microsoft apps? like IE? depending on how you hold your hand when viewing something changes it. Its a bit of a nuisance
    05-03-2013 09:13 PM
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