03-31-2015 08:35 AM
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  1. jailman's Avatar
    As a wp8 user I am frustrated with the lag of notifications many times i have to open an app to receive rhe notification or rhe message that was meant to come ages ago it really sucks and MS need to get this crap fixed in wp8.1 or it'll be no need for me to use it
    06-16-2013 05:19 PM
  2. Dk92's Avatar
    1. Adding a "recently updated" section to the store.
    2. The music app needs some major improvements. I really don't have the patience to list everything wrong with it but I'll give some examples.. I'll never understand why they put the playback controls at the top of the screen instead of the bottom.

    It almost feels like there's 2 apps in 1 ex: You'll play a song, then press the back button to go back to the music menu, instead of a pause button being at the bottom, there's another play button; if you press the play button, it will stop the song you're currently playing, and randomly play another song off of your library.

    Another gripe is not being able to set an option for album art displaying on the lock screen vs a picture of the artist.

    For some reason, songs will glitch and skip from time to time within the first 5 seconds after the song is selected. Edit: I noticed that it only does this when you have a song on repeat, which I use moderately.

    There's also a problem with gray squares appearing for album art, even though there is artwork provided for that album or song.
    06-16-2013 08:08 PM
  3. jailman's Avatar
    Store needs a wide live tile like the play store widget in android
    06-17-2013 08:28 AM
  4. ali saraf's Avatar
    notification are really sucks specially social and messaging apps (not MS pre installed apps) in 90% push won't work on time this is my major problem with wp.
    06-20-2013 03:09 AM
  5. CheukMe2u's Avatar
    Simply put, more recognized apps, especially games. Many of my friends have hesitated on using WP because of the lack of apps. I, personally find it quite alright since most of the apps I need are in the windows phone store but there are still a number of well-known apps that are yet to be seen. Official Instagram, YouTube, Google Maps and many games like NOVA, Subway Surfers etc.

    Here's a list of what I hope to see in Windows Phone soon.
    1) Some sort of notification hub
    2) Ability to create folder in the Photos Hub
    3) Gapless music playback
    4) Ability to manually close running apps in the multitasking menu
    4) Add burst and timer mode in the native camera app
    5) 'Reader' mode in internet explorer
    6) Remove the contents in the 'other storage' section in settings
    7) Change the ugly grey bg in the Music+Videos Hub
    8) Abilty to group apps into a folder on the Start Screen
    9) Smart-dialing in the native call app
    10) Screen rotation lock
    11) Wider keyboard in landscape orientation (currently there's unused spaces on the sides)
    12) Separate volume profiles for system sounds and music/app sounds.
    13) Quick settings for switching on WiFi, Data and Bluetooth.
    This guy about sums it up. Plus, it would be nice to close apps and delete photos by swiping up/down. Also, is anyone not bugged by how we can't toggle between "ring+vibrate" to "silent?" I shouldn't need to use the workaround.

    I dearly hope this is read.

    Honestly, WP just needs to KEEP UP with updates. I want major changes. It's done a good job at launching WP8, but it needs to maintain momentum. I've had my Windows Phone for almost a year now, but there are clearly features missing that makes me want to go back.

    We want features, we want an effective notification center (not just a sad excuse for one with text), and most importantly, we want to be heard and not left in the gray. These need to happen. I saw a demo of iOS7 today and it has almost every feature that can benefit the user. You can toggle 10+ things on the lock screen. 10. I find myself toggling battery saver, wifi, and bluetooth many times throughout a day if I'm using my phone intensively. iOS7 is honestly really good, but it's pitiful where their ideas and looks come from. It looks a lot like WP, and many features come from jailbreaks. We shouldn't need to jailbreak our WPs if it comes down to it. Android listens and they soared through their development stages did they not? There is such a ridiculous amount of android versions, but it defines their success today.

    Windows Phone, keep up. That's all I ask.

    Does windows even have a panel asking what their customer's want?
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    06-20-2013 04:58 AM
  6. MikeSo's Avatar
    What the previous poster said. Again: why are the most BASIC of features not in WP8? It beats me. I can not figure it out. Why do we not have a "silent" toggle, like any dumb phone has? Why is the dialer so dumb? I mean, these are basic things that should have been in WP7. Why are they still not here? WHY? It makes no sense.
    06-22-2013 11:03 PM
  7. jack6191's Avatar
    Hope some MS guy or Nokia guy is a member of this forum and reads all this..

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    06-24-2013 04:49 PM
  8. jack6191's Avatar
    P.S: Bill gates and Stephen Elop need to be added in here lol:p

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    06-24-2013 04:50 PM
  9. iamstevie's Avatar
    Hi all

    So I have been lingering around WPCentral and the forums for a few months now, basically to learn about WP8 and decide if it was for me. I admit, even now I am extremely tempted, but I am now pretty sure I won't be going for this OS any time soon.

    I'd like to share my thoughts (none of which will probably be too unique). But I do come from a very objective standpoint I think - I am currently rocking a Nokia 6820 (old school feature phone). However, over the last 3 years I have used: iPhone (3GS), Android (Nexus 4, Xperia Mini), and most recently Blackberry (Curve & Bold).

    I *really* like the overall concept of WP - I see it as something that could be an "enabler" to my life, encouraging me to be social, taking the sting out of reading and research. And the curious/sensible me wants to at least give it a try before giving my two cents. However, I know what features I will need from a phone, and therefore must accept this is just not right for me in its current state.

    So, in my eyes, what is essential:

    1) Notification Center Bacchus1976 summarised my feelings exactly on this issue. Knowing that the Notification Center is coming however, is a positive.

    2) Local storage and email attachments By this I mean, an ability to download any file type to the phone locally (from the web or my PC), and for these to be readily accessible (e.g. attaching to emails, uploading to websites etc). For me, this is quite fundamental, and is actually the only reason I cannot even give WP8 a try. I do not need nor expect a full-blown file management system. I would not even mind so much if MS does not even allow you to open 95% of these files on the phone itself. But limiting the OS to just storing and sharing MS Office, Photos/Videos, and (barely) PDF docs is a step too far. A simple local storage area, readily accessible by applications (i.e. via a "Browse..." button), and with ability to create folders is all that I would require.

    Other smaller issues:

    - permenantly show connection type - 2G, 4G, HSPA etc.
    - Blinking Notification LED for texts, calls, emails etc (these first 2 are actually my most frequently used features from all my past phones)
    - Independent volume controls / user profiles
    - Universal search
    - Quick close of apps (e.g. in multitasking view, rather than slowly "backing" out of an app)
    - Choice for the number of live-tile columns in your start screen
    - Custom tones
    - Custom dictionary (add and remove words)
    - Mark all as read option (I understand this does not exist in email!) / multiple selections across the board
    - Settings shortcuts (wifi etc)
    - Week view in calendar
    - Custom folder tiles (i.e. create a folder with your favourite games, pin this folder to start menu)
    - Universal control for tile update frequency (i.e. all tiles update every 15mins, 30mins etc) and on per app basis.

    In terms of helping WP to succeed - well I think I agree with almost every suggestion put forward here. From individual volume controls, through to quick settings, universal search, quick close of apps. Here are a few extra ideas that I think would offer some "quick" fixes to help WP to suceed, perhaps taking a more strategic perspective:

    Custom Keyboards - I know many Android users who would never leave their OS purely due to loving Swype and Swiftkey so much. People are fickle - they will get bored easily, and grow curious to test new systems. WP could rob some serious market share if they can ever offer this feature before Apple (lucky, I think, that this did not come with iOS7). I really struggle to understand why Apple and MS cling so much on their own keyboard API - perhaps an unfair comparison, but they would never stop users from buying their own keyboards for a PC/Mac, and there is no obvious advantage gained to not allowing 3rd party keyboard apps. So, an easy way to get a few new users on-board with WP8.

    Open communication - I would say MS are relatively open about enhancements, but are still similar to most other firms in their overall lack of openess and public response to highly requested features. There is a fear about revealing too much too soon, presumably so as not to make false-promises, reveal their ideas to the competition, or perhaps even to build up anticipation for "big news" in the future. But - taking the notification centre as an example - I would happily go for WP8, knowing that Joe Belfiore has least confirmed it will be coming in future updates. If the same could have been said about local storage, I would probably be trying WP8 now. I am *certain* many of the features requested in this thread are in development - if MS could be a little more open about it, they may see an increase in adoption of WP8, or at the very least see fewer consumers moving off the OS.

    Aligning with business customers - Not just in MS's ballpark, but the manufacturers themselves. Interesting articles out there on the ability for WP to capture market share from BlackBerry if they released phones with physical keyboards. Given the success thus far of the Q10, it again would help cement WP particularly with the business market. I suppose two problems for this are that firstly, Windows is positioning itself as a "consumer" entertainment-type platform, and would not want to overly associate itself with business customers. However, even Apple has proved consumer devices (iPad, iPhone) sit nicely with business execs if positioned correctly. Secondly (and I do not know much about this point), although the ecosystem lends itself nicely to business, I imagine the OS itself is perhaps too "green" to fully support business needs right now (single email attachments only, VPN, reliance on the cloud, local storage, phone security vs BB etc). Both issues of course could be solved with time, ensuring only certain phones become associated with business and with natural development and optimisation of the OS to support business users.

    Success with Windows 8 - Not in the hands of WP itself, but more success with W8 will inevitably help push WP8. Both products should also be more closely aligned than they currently are - this is something MS promote this themselves, but still have a long way to go. For example - gestures are not the same, search function operates differently (universal vs bing), W8.1 vs no WP8.1 announcement etc.

    Reliability - Finally a slightly "fluffy" issue to end on. I have read many comments on issues of reliability of live tiles, problems with syncing music or photos etc. Overall, WP seems to be very intuitive, but in the long run, consumers will leave the OS if such experiences continue. Again, these could very well be organic problems i.e. issues that will get optimised through time. But it is essential such issues are addressed sooner rather than later - the easiest way to lose a loyal fanbase, is to create an impression the OS is unreliable.
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    06-26-2013 08:08 AM
  10. boxa72's Avatar
    The most sensible thing I've read all day!! Hopefully peepz at MS will read all this (tho not likely). In my group of friends, I'm the only one techie and even tho my friends know that I know what I'm talking about they STILL won't give WP a go because of all those things you just mentioned and more!! I really hope they succeed but I'm seriously considering going somewhere else until they do:(
    06-30-2013 07:12 AM
  11. DennisvdG's Avatar
    What the previous poster said. Again: why are the most BASIC of features not in WP8? It beats me. I can not figure it out. Why do we not have a "silent" toggle, like any dumb phone has? Why is the dialer so dumb? I mean, these are basic things that should have been in WP7. Why are they still not here? WHY? It makes no sense.
    By silent toggle do you mean the button in the top right when you press the volume?
    06-30-2013 08:01 AM
  12. fbendotti's Avatar
    Ok here's the situation. I go into a brand new Verizon store in wildwood NJ. Outside of the store there is a billboard with a Lumia 928. On the other side is an android HTC one with "Tile like" display. Almost makes the two hard to tell apart. Ok. I go into the store and I can't find a working demo. I ask a sales person and he says they do not have the phone on display. Then he has to go to the stock room to get one. Ridiculous. This is one of the main reasons WP will continue to struggle. WP owners need to call these people and voice there opinion. Without phones the app development will continue to struggle. I know the apps are coming, but not fast enough. My wife and I both have Lumia 920s. She loves the phone, but the biggest complaint is the lack of apps. Everywhere you go. You see ads for local apps for iPhone and android only, and we get stuck with the mobile website only. This is ok, but not good enough. Those ads for android and iPhone apps are helping to grow the other platforms and doing the opposite for WP.
    06-30-2013 09:00 AM
  13. B T C's Avatar
    Maybe it's just me, but the store search sucks. I tried to find the new Redbox app and had to resort to Bing or Google to find the app. WTF?
    06-30-2013 09:52 AM
  14. Hagenlund's Avatar
    Lots of great suggestions here, I'm quite confident that notification center and app closing is coming. But MS needs to update faster, it's a real shame the WP team has to wait for the Win8.1 kernel to finish before they can really start to implement and advertise. Big reorgs are fine, but MS needs keep changing their dev strategy to enable more concurrent development and faster iterations.
    06-30-2013 10:14 AM
  15. Rodrigo Mendes's Avatar
    I think some people just don't understand a concept of Windows Phone. Has to be simply, fast, creative, fun and intuitive. Not be completed or a small PC like Android (with all the problems), for example.

    The push notifications are my one real complain, but works fine when i have good 2G/3G signal. So, looks like a not WP fault.

    WP doesnt have a dealbreaker for me. Have some stuffs to improve, like any OS, but nothing really relevant.
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    07-09-2013 01:58 PM
  16. EchoRedux's Avatar
    Needs that zCortanaApp from the prototype to bring the best of Siri and Tellme to WP.

    07-09-2013 02:20 PM
  17. FredW3's Avatar
    Microsoft needs to take Windows Phone seriously. It won't even work with the Microsoft Sync system in my car. It's like Microsoft doesn't think Windows Phone is worth supporting.

    Talk to each other. The idea that Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 were going to work the same was a big selling point. But they don't even scroll the live tiles in the same direction (vertically vs. horizontally). Several features work considerably different on each platform. Someone dropped the ball on this one.
    07-09-2013 03:48 PM
  18. Fade_z's Avatar
    Hi all, let me first of all start of by saying I love wp8 and I own an L920.

    But the thing is, wp8 needs basic functions first...

    We now get the amber/gdr2 on our devices with functions like "hover"(Lumia only) which is neat...but its an extra not something we need like an good optimized and clever browser (*ui*)
    Or orientation-lock, the list goes on..
    Also isn't it an wake up call when apps need to code there own orientation lock because the OS won't allow it

    And the worst part is that most of these simple features can be coded and published within 3 months.
    To short I hear you say; look at jailbreaking (ios and wp7 had one once)
    They move much much faster and offer things ios lacks, and wel *jarrr* free apps)

    I'm still glad they update it somewhat regulary and for 36 months, but did it take that long for MS to fix some bugs, improve some stability on ie and change some UI stuff in Xbox music...

    Reorganization, okay but at the very least give us some basic's now, because its these little things to make people wait for update or skip this OS totally.
    07-12-2013 10:15 AM
  19. Fade_z's Avatar
    Btw I understand that the production cycle of jailbreak/1 guy is quicker then an big company, but they can release bigger updates which actually fix **** and improve things of value
    07-12-2013 10:18 AM
  20. satycool's Avatar
    W8 phone is a complete failure and MS seem more and not bothered with it - FACT! They are very slow with no advancements, updates, simple fixes that could be done easily and quickly, and added with almost no customer care, and a lack of feeling with proper W8p support. MS can't even get the most basic fixes on W8OS/Phones that have been out 9+months since release. Worse MS don't even seem to acknowledge the many complaints about W8phones! With iOS7 very soon to be released (do have a proper look into this); W8 will start to look even more very dated, esp. with functions and features everything from: Music, Apps, Video, Voice Assistance, Navigation, Maps, Photo Viewing and Editing, Notification, Quick Access(much improved on iOS7), Apps..all severely lacking on W8 compared to its Android and Apple competitors !

    People who say W8 is a fairly new OS also need to realize that when MS released W8 phones, they where the last on the block. This giving them time to level or surpass what was out there, but No, they simply missed out or stripped away the most basic smartphone functions! Because of this and there arrogance in thinking people will just flock to W8 has lead to small sales, no credibility, and loss of faith to already by taste to W8 as whole, and pathetic Surface sales - where MS again tried its arrogance! MS do realize and know this, so are not very bothered with W8phones , knowing its a losing battle.

    Personally I'm leaving W8 once my contract is up, and certainly will be persuading others considering W8 phones to realise its quiet a backward and function/features/app missing step down from other smartphones from Android and Apple. With not much support for the phone by shops, consumers, and seems MS too does leave you to wonder you might be getting a phone that doesn't have support by app developers and MS themselves. Also with huge backlash on W8phones as you can read all over the net. W8p all ready has an impossible task keeping people on board now, people will be leaving unless MS really start to update there phones and excel at it!!! which they certainly don't do at the moment. As for GDR2 its seems to slow, to late, nothing really new, esp. when iOS7 pops up around the same time.
    Last edited by satycool; 07-21-2013 at 05:06 PM.
    07-21-2013 10:03 AM
  21. broar94's Avatar
    Microsoft is already focusing on Tablet(Surface) market.
    07-21-2013 12:47 PM
  22. Wazzim's Avatar
    Really all I need is a functioning music app. Hopefully GDR2/3 brings just that.
    07-22-2013 07:36 PM
  23. sumton's Avatar
    aside from features and apps, Live tiles need more improvements especially default ones first impression important and it may lead customer to take buy decision or find something else
    so they need to put a lot of work into startscreen
    07-23-2013 04:29 AM
  24. Jason Wilder's Avatar
    Without having the time to read every reply in this thread, I hope I'm not repeating any gripes/features/etc.

    I have a HTC Trophy running WP7.8 from Verizon (one of my gripes I'll list later). I've been running it for 2 years, and I'm seriuosly considering going to a Samsung Galaxy S4 for my next phone. I really like my Windows phone, but there are a few things that I need. It's not that I dislike the Windows Phone, but there are specific apps that I need, and only exist on Android or iOS market (I'll never go to Apple though).

    • Apps Store

    The app store is taking too long to develop. Like I said before I need some specific apps to perform certain functions for my job, and I really need to get them. It seems some companies have staffed developers who have gotten used to only developing for Android/iOS, or don't like WP. I could possibly write an app for WP, but don't have the time to do it. I wish Microsoft could develop more partnerships, or offer incentives to develop apps, I'm not sure what the problem is.
    • Look and Feel

    I've grown to like the metro style a little, but I'm still not sold on it. What would help is some more customization of it. I wish you could make some icons different colors, or group icons, and color the groups...something to group certain icons (i.e. messaging apps are blue, games are red, weather apps are orange, etc.) Everything the same color makes it hard to find some apps quickly. Also some apps (even native ones) don't allow for rotation, which is annoying.
    • Music Player

    My biggest gripe/request with the music player is the playlists. I wish you could create/modify playlists easier. Creating one from the now playing group is a small start, but if you accidentally add a song you don't want in the playlist, the only way to remove it from "Now Playing" (that i've found) is to completely restart the phone, and start your list over (that SUCKS). Add/Remove songs from playlist, and auto-playlists would be a huge feature for me.
    • Updates

    One of my most painful problems with WP are updates. This may have been a problem more with Verizon, than Microsoft, but getting the 7.8 update was the most frustrating expereince I've had with a mobile phone. I waited and waited for WP7.8, with no word from Verizon, I read forum after forum, and some people were getting it, some weren't. I waited for what seemed like a couple of months. Verizon would make absolutely no comment on the update. I finally found a way to do it with a hack, and updated it myself (I'm not sure I would have ever gotten the update if I was still waiting). I also owned a Samsung Omnia many moons ago, and had the same problem with it. Windows Phones never seem to be developed/built to accept a newer mobile OS. It's always the same excuse, the hardware is not acceptable for the new OS. Well then, either develop the hardware to have a longer lifecycle, or develop the software smarter!
    • Volume Profiles

    Would love a way to create volume profiles, and have shortcuts to apply them quickly. I listen to music in a few of different scenarios, and sometimes it requires different volume levels, and/or different sound enhancer settings. Also since the 7.8 update, my bluetooth ear phones are no longer detected as headphones under sound enhancer, and I cannot apply any equalizer setting to them.

    These are a few I could think of....
    07-23-2013 10:16 AM
  25. mrllano's Avatar
    File manager
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    07-23-2013 06:16 PM
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