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  1. Usman Mubashir's Avatar
    your english is nice, how about this type of apps?
    Hardcore Desktop Integration
    09-29-2013 04:04 PM
  2. E Lizzle's Avatar
    It needs the ability to have your apps installed on 82 devices.
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    09-30-2013 09:07 AM
  3. Boris Lozac's Avatar
    Can't find a general Amber thread so i'll just put this here. They need to pull theirselves together and fix these damn bugs, especially notable after Amber update. What is this OS, an Alpha?
    Every other day my screen won't turn on during Alarm, every now and then screen gets confused, after hanging up the conversation for example, screen goes white and only soft reset can unblock it.. Seriously..
    09-30-2013 12:22 PM
  4. OberstDanjeje's Avatar
    Maybe it's time for an hard reset.
    Never heard such issue after Amber update
    09-30-2013 12:33 PM
  5. Boris Lozac's Avatar
    Already done hard reset after Amber.
    09-30-2013 02:11 PM
  6. mclark2112's Avatar
    With VPN, and a proper RDP client, I would be back tot he platform. Or just Logmein, that would be fine too.
    09-30-2013 03:35 PM
  7. Jerry Reyes's Avatar
    I didn't read through the whole section, but I want to suggest and Airplay like option. That allows me to share my photos, and videos on the TV. And watch Videos onlines. I use to do this with my old iphone 5. Now i just say look at this. Oh well.

    It's doable, via xBox.
    09-30-2013 03:53 PM
  8. jlynnm350z's Avatar
    What Windows needs to succeed is sales! People need to buy millions and millions of Windows phones. Thankyou
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    09-30-2013 03:58 PM
  9. bricky23's Avatar
    ^ ^ Now that's funny lol

    Can't find a general Amber thread so i'll just put this here. They need to pull theirselves together and fix these damn bugs, especially notable after Amber update. What is this OS, an Alpha?
    Every other day my screen won't turn on during Alarm, every now and then screen gets confused, after hanging up the conversation for example, screen goes white and only soft reset can unblock it.. Seriously..
    I haven't had any of those problems. But I do agree that the first thing that they need to do, is get rid of the bugs. Make it flawless. Then it will sell. I just switched back to a nameless os. And I miss my 1020 already. But I don't miss the few times when it did not do what it was supposed to. It is a young os. I remember when Android and ios first came out. They were very frustrating. Had to restart my first iphone daily, or more. Windows phone will get better. And when it does, I WILL BE BACK!
    10-01-2013 09:20 PM
  10. brunoadduarte's Avatar
    Ok, so this is at a risk of becoming a wall of text but bare with me.

    1st - A UI overhaul to support real multitasking and a decent way to make use of that multitasking. As far as I'm concerned NONE of the top three OS have a simple or pleasurable enough multitasking UI. But that's my opinion being biased by my use of the Nokia N9... As far as I'm concerned, as long as something exactly like that doesn't come along, no multitasking will ever be good enough (ever);

    2nd - A notification centre that doesn't look like the thing that has been appearing on the screenshots. As it looks, it just seems like an app that we open and close, making us lose focus of what we were previously doing. The notification centre must be something we can open while navigating an app and close without ever actually leaving said app. The iOS and Android versions are good, but are not what I envisioned for WP;

    3rd - Merge WP with Windows and make them work well together. My dream is having something like the Padfone with Windows. I have my phone, but I can insert it in a bigger screen, attach said screen to a keyboard and have the full Windows UI experience and the same apps on their desktop versions. I eliminates the need to have three devices when you can only have two (PC or laptop + tablet + phone vs PC or laptop + padfone);

    4th - Change the notion that MS is for nerds once and for all! Marketing has to be aggressive about this. As it is, having a WP isn't seen as cool... What we can do with it is cool, but having it isn't;

    5th - Another UI overhaul to make WP look more like Windows 8. It's more colourful and still maintains a good dose of contrast;

    6th - Marketing 2.0. Use it and abuse it. Make it look like Windows and WP belong together and that even if we could live without them, we wouldn't want to;

    7th - Some degree of file exploring. I'm not begging to use my phone as my flash drive, but being able to attach documents to my e-mails without being forced to send them to Skydrive first would be nice and something that should already be in the phone by default (seriously, this is stupid);

    8th - Media syncing with our PCs through wi-fi without being forced to use Skydrive. It's more direct and faster;

    There may be more, but I'm not remembering it right now...
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    10-02-2013 11:08 AM
  11. justSomeGuyOnWPcentral's Avatar
    This would attract a lot more people
    Windows Phone's background can be replaced with a picture
    Last edited by justSomeGuyOnWPcentral; 10-03-2013 at 04:26 AM.
    10-02-2013 11:47 PM
  12. Divair's Avatar
    It needs cooperation from carriers. Like this:

    It needs more mass marketing. Like this:

    Those are the two big things WP needs to succeed.
    10-03-2013 10:08 AM
  13. alexander bontempo's Avatar
    1- posibility to instal aplication on SD card ( really realy important implementation you should consider to).
    2- file atachment to mail
    3- volume diferencial for aplication and for phone. you shoul change te speacker volume of an aplication without change te volume of entire phone.
    4-posibility to change the color of every tile, in order to create a personal colore code that helps to find the aplication rapidlly in the start menu, without need of external aplication.
    10-05-2013 12:59 PM
  14. Nishant Sirohi's Avatar
    as the New version of WP is likely to support 1080p screen resolutions, we badly need qHD (960 x 540 pixels) resolutions for amazing mid range devices.
    The minimum of 800 x 480 currently is actually good enough else the low end screens with 320 x 240 look horrible.
    And of course the usual gripes that are to be sorted are
    1- notification center, with connectivity toggles, and battery percentage display
    2- file manager
    3- support for notification lights (there is so much fun that can be had with those with the glowing tiles, just take a look at the glow bar on xperia U)
    4- more companies, why not LG and Sony in the party.
    5- third party keyboards
    6- app drawer options, not the default list type.
    7- Setting up Wallpapers ... please
    8- multiple types of tile sizes, currently its only 1x1, 2x2 and 2x4, why not other sizes, this will add more fun and functionality, of course the type of app can restrict the tile size
    9- the phone tile should open up the numeric dialer by default and it should support smart dial
    10-08-2013 03:55 PM
  15. enqueue's Avatar
    I think, WP needs to be more open regarding internet services. This will make transitioning from other "ecospheres" less painful for users.

    1. Messaging: Support any XMPP compatible account, possibly provide gateways for iMessage, BBM. I know, this might be difficult and neither Apple nor Blackberry have any interest in opening up interfaces, but a fully integrated experience trumps any third-party stuff. Do we really need a separate Skype app?

    2. Email, Calendar, Contacts: Support CalDAV, CardDAV for non-Google accounts. Many private users or companies use groupware applications that usually expose these interfaces. Currently, only Exchange users benefit from a nicely integrated solution.

    3. Storage: Currently, we are limited to SkyDrive. It would be nice to be able to use our own WebDAV server.

    I don't have a problem with MS' cloud offerings (Outlook.com, etc.), but many users already have their own infrastructure in place or rely on other providers. MS should make it easy for these users to switch to WP as a mobile platform without forcing them to migrate to MS based internet services.
    10-09-2013 05:08 PM
  16. daveb's Avatar
    TL;DR version

    I'm a longtime Android user who bought a Windows Phone, experienced a problem that I didn't have time or energy to resolve, and went back to my old Android phone.

    TL version

    This will be a long post, but I wanted to share my very brief experience with Windows Phone, along with some background to go with it. I welcome advice and ideas for what I could or should have done. If some of my problems or concerns could have been resolved somehow, I would very much like to know how. I want to like Windows Phone, and am willing to give it another chance, though at this point I may wait until next year for 8.1 to release.

    Background on me

    I have used Android phones and tablets exclusively for around five years. I also have a lot of experience with iOS devices due to my job, but my own devices have been Android. Over the past several months, I've been tiring of Android and the hassles that often accompany it. The very inconsistent UI even among Google's own apps, the lack of timely updates for nearly all devices, and a few other issues have really gotten on my nerves.

    I am on Verizon because they are the only carrier with usable service at my house. Switching carriers it not an option. I have a Samsung Galaxy Nexus, which I bought the day it was released in December 2011. Despite typical long delays in OS updates from Verizon, this was still the best phone I had owned until the 4.2.2 update. (I'm certainly not saying it's the best phone, only that it's the best I've owned.) When Verizon finally released the Android 4.2.2 update for the Galaxy Nexus, things took a major turn for the worse. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi problems are common, memory management is very poor, and the device gets to be very sluggish during use. Despite having a Nexus device, I do not run third-party builds of Android. To that, I know the Android community will say "you're doing it wrong."

    On Monday of this week (October 7, 2013) I upgraded to a Nokia Lumia 928. This followed two weeks of pretty extensive research, soul-searching, and attempting to transition from Gmail to Outlook.com to help guarantee what I assumed would be the best Windows Phone e-mail, contacts, and calendar experience. That experience did not turn out as I'd hoped.

    I returned the phone to Verizon the next day. I freely admit that I did not give it enough time, but I experienced a deal-breaker problem which I do not have the time to try to fix. (This problem is described in the "Bad Things" section below.) Despite being angry and stressed out for much of my time with the phone, I got to really like Windows Phone. Going back to Android feels very clumsy by comparison. If I had the time and desire to try to "fix" my contacts, I definitely would have stuck with it longer. I could see Windows Phone becoming my daily driver if I could get everything to sync.

    Here are my observations. I compare this with Android many times because that's what I was coming from.

    Good Things

    • The Windows Phone UI was very nice. During my pre-purchase research I came to understand how the live tiles work and it actually got me using some of the modern UI apps in Windows 8. (Although that experience without a touchscreen is far from ideal. But that's another topic entirely.) The constantly changing "People" live tile was incredibly annoying and distracting, but the other ones were overall quite good. Getting a simple count of unread mail, new texts, etc. was helpful and not something that stock Android provides. It was great to be able to show important or useful information in an efficient way.
    • The consistent UI was a welcome change from the UI chaos that is Android. Almost all apps behaved the same, most used my chosen theme colors, and you interacted with most apps in the same consistent way. Very refreshing.
    • The UI works well for one-handed operation. So many Android apps now require proficiency in thumb gymnastics to reach buttons in the upper-right corner of a 4.7+ inch screen. I did not have this problem with Windows Phone and really appreciated that. Android's tendency to have controls at the top of the phone screen makes larger screens difficult to navigate one-handed.
    • The OS was fast and responsive. There was minimal lag moving around and between apps. Everything felt very fluid. The back button worked in a consistent and logical way, unlike the back button in Android.
    • The screen was great, and all the fonts were very readable.
    • The keyboard was awesome. Almost no typos, easy to use, and accurate word suggestions. Google really needs to step up its game in the keyboard department. Android does a good job of correcting typos, but with Windows phone I had fewer typos to be corrected. I miss that keyboard even after only a few hours of use.
    • A nearly system-wide dark color theme is nice. Android has white, black, gray. You never know what app will use which theme. It's really annoying.
    • The lock screen is nice and provides quick access to useful information. I can get close to this with Android lock screen widgets such as DashClock, but Windows Phone is great out of the box.

    Okay Things

    • It was annoying to be unable to group things into folders. Endlessly scrolling up or down a long page of tiles is a bit tedious, but over time I'm sure I would have found a way to arrange my most-used tiles near the top.
    • Feature parity between Outlook.com on the web and the Mail app in Windows Phone is nowhere near what Gmail on the web and the Gmail Android app offer. The current Google Android app is probably the closest thing I've seen to the perfect mobile e-mail experience. (Aside from the staggeringly stupid inability to send e-mail to contact groups.) The Windows Phone e-mail experience was okay, but not great. For example, with my Outlook.com account on the web, I can quickly archive a message to get it out of my Inbox. In Windows Phone's Mail app I have to move the message to the Archive folder, which requires several more steps.
    • On Android once you setup an account, other apps can use that stored account information to authenticate. On Windows Phone, even when signing into other Microsoft apps, I was forced to log into each one separately, often having to enter a two factor authentication (2FA) code or an app-specific password.
    • The camera, despite all the hype it got, was not that great in low light even with the xenon flash. While balance was awful, the edges of photos were dark. I was not impressed. This was very disappointing to me as the photos I'd seen online were much better than what I was getting. It was still MUCH better than the crappy camera on my Galaxy Nexus, though, and having a dedicated physical camera button with the half-push to focus functionality was pretty cool. More time with the camera would probably have helped here.
    • During pre-purchase research I found there are Windows Phone versions of most of my must-have apps, which was good. Some of them are lacking features present in their iOS and Android counterparts which was disappointing, but not the fault of Microsoft of Windows Phone.

    Bad Things

    • This was the deal-breaker that resulted in me returning the Phone to Verizon less than a day after buying it. Google contact syncing was completely broken for me and could not be easily fixed. Sadly, I did not capture a screenshot of this error, which I regret, as it would have been helpful for follow-up troubleshooting or discussions such as this. The error I received during syncing of the Google account was that the phone had insufficient memory to sync at this time with error code 8007000E. [WP Central forum post about this] [Possible temporary fix for this] Speculation by some users online was that it's related to the size of some contact photos. Indeed I do have some high-res contact photos in my Google contacts, but I was not about to go through all of them to remove the photos. Admittedly this is not a widespread issue, but searches turned up a lot of people having the same problem. I do not know whether this is a Google problem or an issue with Windows Phone's new CardDAV implementation.
    • Exporting my contacts from Google and importing into Outlook.com was also not successful due to the fact that many contacts had data that did not get exported. I'd guess at least a third of my contacts were missing info that Google did not export into the CSV file. I did not have time to manually compare each of my contacts in both services to resolve the discrepancies. This specific point is not a criticism of Windows Phone, so I don't want to dwell on it too much.
    • As a power e-mail user, I found the surprisingly basic functionality of Outlook.com's rules to be insufficient for my needs. And I gave it a good two weeks to try to adapt before even buying a Windows Phone. Gmail's tabbed Inbox and powerful filters just work much better for me and I really missed the Android Gmail app while trying to work with the Windows Phone Mail app.
    • All the Mail account tiles look the same in small tile mode. Not even a different icon to differentiate between an Exchange and a Google account, for example. I tried to get my most important info on tiles placed on the first screen of start page tiles, which meant some of them could not be large tiles. I do know that I can link mail accounts into a single unified Inbox, but I prefer to not handle mail in that way and the identical small tiles made it tough to know which one was for which account.
    • The whole account setup and app logon process was needlessly complicated and very tedious. Those of us who use long random passwords are at a huge disadvantage with Windows Phone given the number of times you must enter credentials into apps during initial setup. I could understand this for third-party apps, but Microsoft's own apps should at least provide the option to use the device's primary Microsoft Account to streamline the process as much as possible. This was really a disappointing and frustrating experience.
    • IE10 in Windows Phone does not have the ability to save passwords. I use long, randomly generated passwords, managed using KeePass on the desktop and KeePassDroid on Android. I also use two-factor authentication on any site that offers it. While researching Windows Phone 8 I was pleased to see the Authenticator app from Microsoft which would nicely fill the role of Google Authenticator. I do all this to keep people out, but for some sites I have no problem allowing trusted browsers to save my username and password to make logging in less tedious with these complex random passwords. I understand LastPass may offer some kind of workaround for this by using its own browser, but I'm not sure I would be happy with that. (I didn't try this.) I use desktop features of KeePass such as very customized autotype sequences, which would make moving all my credentials into LastPass difficult.

    So there are my long-winded first impressions of Windows Phone. As I said, if I had time to spare to try to fix whatever contact sync issue caused this problem, I would have almost certainly grown to like Windows Phone and adapt to the differences. Since Verizon is unlikely to get another Nexus phone or any additional official updates for my Galaxy Nexus, I may finally give a third-party Android build a try to tide me over until Windows Phone 8.1 is out and then revisit Windows Phone at that time.

    I do welcome the thoughts and opinions that WP users can offer in response to this long post. If you actually read all of this, thank you!
    Alex_Hong likes this.
    10-11-2013 05:27 PM
  17. Willisme1's Avatar
    Hey, I just got my Nokia Lumia 1020, and I really like it! But there's a few compromises I don't want to make...

    Firstly, Facebook notifications aren't working, which I know Microsoft are working on, but that's such an important part of smartphones nowadays, that I just can't live without it!

    Secondly, cut and paste never seems to work properly for me, either not appearing or not letting me move the first 'cursor'.

    I also don't like how IE handles the back button command. If you close the app, and return to it, you can no longer go back?

    Plus, where's the button to turn off 3G completely? I get one bar signal of 3G in my house, so I'd rather just get full 2G so I don't continuously drop calls.

    Finally, and I'm sure that its probably just something that would improve with time, my battery life is terrible!

    I'm really sad to have to swap phones for such minor details, but I don't like to compromise after spending so much money! The phones hardware is amazing though, and WP8 is fast and fluid - as soon as these little problems are addressed, I can say for sure that I'll be swapping for good :)

    WP has done well in three years no doubt. Hopefully, I will be back to try again... Now to go burn my eyes with the ugliness that is iOS 7 icons.

    10-14-2013 01:48 AM
  18. Boris Lozac's Avatar

    Plus, where's the button to turn off 3G completely? I get one bar signal of 3G in my house, so I'd rather just get full 2G so I don't continuously drop calls.
    Settings/Celular/Highest network speed
    10-15-2013 07:24 AM
  19. Paedin's Avatar
    Im going with :

    1 - Docked mode - I get to work, plug my phone in, and it stays like that all day. Would be nice to be able to disable the Lock Screen while in Docked mode. Have the home page just there. You could still lock it if you wanted. Honestly, why not just give an option to turn the lock screen off of automatic after "X" ammount of minutes.

    2 - Better sync of media data - Using either XBox Music or Nokia Music, neither seem to pull the artist info data well enough IMO.

    3 - Black color theme - High contrast disables so much of the phone beauty, just gives us black color tiles

    4 - Start screen layout - its really annoying that you dont get the full 7 tile layout on your start screen. If you have the phone, you already know the screen goes down. No need to hatchet the bottom row of tiles to remind us.

    5 - Settings clean up - The settings page is a mess and only growing longer. Fix.

    Good enough for now. I'll move along.
    10-16-2013 11:14 AM
  20. Piratelooksat40's Avatar
    Here are my thoughts on what I think they need to do to succeed:

    1. Get the apps. This is the number one issue. Until they have the top apps they are not going to succeed. It is time they go old school, pre DOJ old school and leverage Windows and Xbox. First be nice and try to pay the companies like Instagram, Snapchat and the other big ones they don't have. Offer to do something unique with them with Xbox One and Windows. If they refuse, lock them out of everything. If you need to put something in the browser that blocks them so be it. Create an apps company that does nothing but builds better competing apps on all the platforms and give it away. Put a couple of these companies out of business and your will see how quickly the others run to you. If they are too scared to do that is it possible to build some kind of emulator on the phone so it could run Apple apps in their native mode?

    2. Faster Upgrades for Windows Phones. Sure this is going to cost you some money, but if you want to win the market it is not going to be cheap. Right now most people can upgrade their phones every 2 years with their plans. Come out with a trade in plan that allows people to upgrade their phones out of cycle. If you ran ads saying that do you have to wait 1 1/2 years to get a new iPhone? Trade in your iPhone and get a 1020 now! for the upgrade price. I would love to have a 1020, but I got an 820 as soon as I could. I have another year to wait for a phone or pay $600 for a new 1020.

    3. Fix the Music app and aggressively go after the market. I think with the 1020, they can own the photo market, they need to do something with Music. Maybe they need to buy Pandora and go after it that way.
    10-16-2013 04:39 PM
  21. odehhasan's Avatar
    The notification system is what really annoys me, if you don't have live tile for that particular app, you won't know if you get a message/notification!!! Today I was driving and I heard the notification sound twice but when I checked my phone (after I parked my car) I couldn't find out which app sent the notification!!! I wish Microsoft can do something like IOS or android notification system

    Sent from my RM-875_apac_malaysia_970 using Tapatalk
    10-16-2013 10:30 PM
  22. Mohammad Nor Hidayat Sufa's Avatar
    In my opinion. They should just stick with fixing bugs and balancing the OS. Features could wait. Still have issues with my 520. If they prioritize the stability first. I'm sure this OS would succeed.
    10-18-2013 02:52 AM
  23. psudotechzealot's Avatar
    Have BUILT-IN wireless charging for each WP device.
    10-18-2013 03:51 AM
  24. broar94's Avatar
    Have BUILT-IN wireless charging for each WP device.
    It's a hardware thing so it's initiative of Nokia to include this and not part of Microsoft WP. Wireless charging will not help improve WP sales!
    10-18-2013 08:38 AM
  25. JobSteves's Avatar
    Not really a windows phone 8 thing but I'm in love with Nokia maps and Nokia drive on my 920. As long as Microsoft doesn't axe them I'll be a wp8 user.
    10-18-2013 08:45 PM
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