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    Microsoft controls the backend that is exposed to the phones. This is to ensure that when a service provider changes their api, microsoft only needs to change how their service gets the data for the windows phones. This is how it DOES NOT work and why:

    Facebook has a chat API.
    Microsoft writes their own server to use the Facebook API for chat data. This server structures the service data in a way that Windows Phone understands.
    Microsoft writes Windows Phone to use their server as a middle man for Facebook's chat API.
    Facebook changes how their API works, breaks functionality for Windows Phones.
    Microsoft updates their own server to accommodate the change and structures the data in a way Windows Phone expects. Thereby avoiding the need to push an update to Windows Phones.

    This is the method that will be used for skype. Whatever changes to the back end of how Windows Live Messenger and Skype chat work will not affect how those chats work on Windows Phones. What is likely to happen is that skype chat will simply work through the "Messenger" chat service available to us on Windows Phones.

    This is the desirable way, but the current status is not in that way (at least for 7.8 users)

    What we have is the following:
    SMS - Messenger - Facebook (when works) in messenger hub.
    Skype chat in subpar Skype app

    Let me clarify something (before everybody starts to tell me to upgrade to WP8) If we have proper Skype integration (people hub - messenger hub) then will be desirable the upgrade. If in WP8 the integration is like now, then WP8 may wait a little bit.

    And, something that bothers me a lot, is that the same integration is more or less complete in other layers of Microsoft cloud (for example People app in live.com).

    At the end (in order to make this short): what kind of integration we will have? and that integration will be only for wp8? if this last is true, then i will like to see it before upgrade it.

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    05-15-2013 12:52 PM
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