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    I'm a big fan of skydrive: all my documents, music and photos are there. Now that I have a WP8, I see my documents in the office app, great! but, what about my music and photos?
    You are all probably aware of this, i'm hoping anyone has any suggestions on how to better integrate skydrive photos and music in wp8.

    My skydrive pictures appear in my picture hub. However, they're not really fully integrated. I cant share, edit, or add to favorites. They dont appear on my live tile. They cannot be grouped by date.

    My skydrive music does not appear in my music app at all. I can stream directly through the skydrive app, but only one song at the time (no next, previous, playlists, etc). I tried many of the 'skydrive music' apps (skymusic, sky player, etc), but they take forever to sync my music library and I just dont like them.

    Am I just SOL for the time being?

    Thanks :)
    01-25-2013 08:30 AM

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