03-21-2013 06:44 PM
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  1. Jens Mohrmann's Avatar
    Hi guys,

    the major missing features for me with WP 8 are

    - ntp synced Date and Time
    - Profile Management (Offline/Outside/General/etc.) allowing which devices to activate, controlling volume, etc.
    - Use SD-Card for other data than media (like Maps, Offline Wiki, etc..)
    - File Explorer for local SD-Card and SMB servers
    - mVPN
    - Better calendar (weekly views, monthly view is almost unreadable, import of calendar dates, etc.)
    - official facebook/twitter apps
    - weblinks links should also launch local apps (I guess MS has reserved too many file name extensions and protocol names as internal, but doesn't provide the apps for them)

    Thank God they fixed most of their Bluetooth issues in the Portico-Update

    If MS would provide a less limited API to us independent programmers - they would have the fixes very soon.

    Best regards

    02-15-2013 03:49 AM
  2. DaveGx's Avatar
    File explorer of some sort and ability to save, email, etc ANY file type.
    Office program to be fixed. Embarrassing how inadequate office is. I can't even edit an excel file. Ridiculous
    02-15-2013 09:28 AM
  3. MadGaffler's Avatar
    100% Backup - I just want to be able to backup my phone, everything, settings, accent color, apps , app settings, app save date, tile position, game save files.. everything
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    02-16-2013 06:02 PM
  4. raul_junior's Avatar
    i really like that "use xbox avatar as phone assistant" that would really be cool and kick *** compared to dumb siri
    02-16-2013 06:34 PM
  5. a5cent's Avatar
    Please click the link below and vote for displaying of categories with colors in synchronized Exchange objects!

    Integration Outlook Categories
    Hey Zuldrum

    You might also be interested in this entry:

    Full Sync with Outlook
    Sync tasks including categories, calendar including categories, contacts including categories, and notes including categories

    According to the description, that is the exact same feature you are interested in, except it already has almost 5000 votes.
    02-17-2013 10:38 PM
  6. radic100's Avatar
    we should make a poll, of which people can add their suggestions to. regulated of course, to omit duplicates/combine similar suggestions. as general or as detailed as you like
    02-18-2013 06:22 AM
  7. skshandilya's Avatar
    I have moved from Android to WP8
    1. Most important is VPN (IT guys like windows, if they to need to like WP then this is a must)
    2. Better integration with Windows (not necessarilty with windows 8)
    2. seperate volume controls from ringer, system and notifications
    3. better management of WIFI and mobile data toggles
    4. More info on tiles
    5. Encourage 3rd Party cloud services (dropbox, sugarsync) to integrate with people hub and other components, open up the API to people hub, the reason why people developed for windows is the openness of win32
    02-18-2013 11:17 AM
  8. perspicatio's Avatar
    1- Folders

    2- Emailing attachments other than photos (using the "share" feature is rather child-like and limited to certain file types).

    3- VPN
    02-18-2013 02:53 PM
  9. paras chugh's Avatar
    i really like that "use xbox avatar as phone assistant" that would really be cool and kick *** compared to dumb siri
    thanks....i am thinking of putting it in wp suggestions blog
    02-18-2013 07:42 PM
  10. paras chugh's Avatar
    i have just put the xbox avatar phone assistent idea in suggestions box
    u can all put your votes in here
    02-18-2013 08:04 PM
  11. Mystictrust's Avatar
    There are some really good ideas in this thread!

    Give me a notification center (or at least some place to aggregate my missed toasts when my tiles don't show anything) and the ability to vibrate AND ring at the same time. Vibrate for a second or two and then ringing is pretty much the worst of both worlds and I am appalled that Windows Phone has this... didn't the world switch to vibrate & ring at the same time like 8-10 years ago?
    02-19-2013 01:11 AM
  12. anttimonty's Avatar
    everyone. I have been reading these pages for awhile now, but only now decided to sign up.

    I recently bought Lumia 820 and here are a few setbacks I'd like to get addressed. So if anyone knows if there is a solution to my problems allready I'd like you to tune in.

    -No low power screen. Many Nokia models had this before and it was very informative screen to display clock, missed calls and sms etc. Now I have to always tap the unlock button to see any information.
    -Important incons like battery level is hidden by default and I can't find a way to show them all the time. Stupidity of this is beyond me as they still waste the space to display the clock all the time.
    -How do I sync my google contacts to outlook? I'd like to get rid of my google account but all my contacts are there, but I don't seems to find away to sync them up with my microsoft account.
    -Any real way to close programs Drive Beta occasionally hangs and only way to fully restart it is to restart the whole phone. Is there a way to enable close by swiping from up to down? They have this feature on desktop seems stupid they left it out. I really do miss a lot of the swiping gestures N9 had :( Now I have stupid buttons instead which take potential screen space and I sometimes accidentally hit them.
    -Remove the stupid limitation of not being able to SMS if the number is listed as home or work. Who the **** had the time to code this limitation anyways?
    -Just setup my work calendar and I can't believe how bad it is! The live tile only displays appointments for current date.

    Not really fond of this phone yet as the UI and multitasking needs a lot of improvement after N9. Hardware is really nice and I especially like the super sensitive screen and wireless charging. Also integration with MS services are superb. I hope MS will deliver a lot of improvements to the UI in the near future. If it didn't offer me those I would probably have gone with a nexus phone.
    Last edited by anttimonty; 02-19-2013 at 06:05 AM.
    02-19-2013 01:36 AM
  13. toyotast165's Avatar
    #1 vpn
    #2 Bluetooth stack so I can pair a keyboard and get real work done, like I did with wm.
    #3 os integrated tazer for fan boys.
    02-19-2013 01:37 AM
  14. claps's Avatar
    That stupid 'Others' section in phone storage that keeps growing, growing...Should be fixed ASAP!
    (Mine is nearly 3GB large with only a dozen of small apps, on a 8GB phone )
    02-19-2013 05:07 AM
  15. leviathan18's Avatar
    volume profiles
    light notification of messages, missed calls, emails
    programs like whatsapp, gchat, viber, IM, skype using the damn people hub (this is a sort of notification center that is bad implemented)
    a way to see which programs are killing my battery
    way to group tiles
    lock orientation
    fix xbox music asap
    02-19-2013 11:11 AM
  16. gabrielrdz's Avatar
    I wrote this blog post about the (2)8 things I think Microsoft needs to fix for us. Let me know what you think! What Microsoft needs to fix in Windows Phone 8 | Gabriel Rodriguez Plancarte
    02-19-2013 04:42 PM
  17. andraeseus's Avatar
    file manager
    fm transmitter
    google now alternative
    another desktop screen maybe two
    some way to organize apps (they talk about how apple gives u a "sea of apps" sea vs list?) you say potatoe i say.... just fix it
    Task Manager
    artist album art displayed in background of music player app the regular greyish/blackish is boring
    USB tethering
    02-19-2013 11:32 PM
  18. Brian McBride's Avatar
    I'm sure my points have been covered, but I'll share the things that might cause me to swap over to Android (fyi, I am an ex iOS user with an Android tablet, so I know all three platforms and love the idea of WP and really like my 920).

    1. Independent audio volumes. Speaker volume, headphone volume, ringer volume, alert volume, etc..
    2. Proper resume of audio playback through headset controls. I've noticed if I don't listen to music for a while, I can't just press to resume. My iPhone could resume after a month of not playing.
    3. Speaking of - manufacture requirements to support volume controls in headsets. I really miss that from iOS.
    4. Better way to close applications manually - especially with the HUGE issues plaguing many apps.
    5. Vastly improved detection of phone numbers and addresses in a webpage so I don't have to try and cut/paste them into the appropriate app. See iOS for an example.
    6. Go to your partners and help them fix their apps. For instance, Audible sucks so bad and I am an avid audiobook listener, that alone could drive me off the platform. Yet Microsoft helping Audible address the huge problems in that app would change my experience radically. I imagine the facebook app is a letdown to people used to the iOS Facebook app as well. Where is Hulu? Pandora? Microsoft needs to get into these key popular apps and just code them for the company and create an experience as good, if not better, than the competition.
    7. Better app managment. A huge list isn't much better than iOS. It also isn't much worse and it is easy to skip using the alphabet. But too many tiles (which too many stop updating anyway it seems) and too many apps get messy. Even a favorites page might be enough. Or a "last accessed" list.
    8. Explorer is ok, but I think they should rethink the interface a little. Closing the app is a problem if needed unless you know the trick to close all tabs before backing out of the IE app. And then, the tab interface isn't great. Too many taps to get to tabs to select them. Tabs should be more forefront.
    9. Speaking of closing apps again - I am really tired of pulling up my list of apps to find the text messenger listed 4 times. It seems each time I access a text message from clicking on the notification bar it opens another instance of the texting app. Really? Come on Microsoft. Do you USE your phones?

    In November, I was WP8 guy. I was showing off my phone to all my friends and was quickly turning into a WP fanboy. I love the hub ideas. I like the tiles a lot. Now I just keep getting more and more annoyed by the usability holes in key areas. Independent volume control may seem like a simple thing and not worth abandoning the platform, but I've missed business calls because I turned my headphones down while listening to music and just forgot to turn the volume back up so I can hear the ring. The fact is, my smartphone should be smart enough to "know" that I need a ring volume of at least 20 - because I set it there. Heck, why isn't my phone sampling ambient noise and increasing the ring based on increased noise as well?

    I really hope MS steps up. I want WP8 to succeed, but I'd be lying if I wasn't looking at the new Android handsets and wondering if it wouldn't just be better. I think WP8 has a better core ideal behind it, but it needs MS to really revisit some key usability places and get their partner's apps in shape.
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    02-20-2013 02:53 AM
  19. hinterland's Avatar
    Move the back arrow button slight to the right, so I can easily navigate the phone with one hand...maybe a technique issue[LIST=1]
    Allow formatting of emails from outlook mail client
    Allow formatting of email signature in outlook mail client
    ...and 5 other things
    02-20-2013 09:15 AM
  20. sstockss's Avatar
    Give us the ability to attach pictures in texts just like the way you can when you are composing an email.

    Allow us to change the color of individual conversations, and force them to read single texts in a certain color. Say you're angry and your send your fellow windows phone user a text in red, while their theme is cyan.

    Figure out a better way to implement the back button in internet explorer. It is so frustrating when you go back into the app and try to go to the previous page, only to be directed back to the home screen.

    When selecting the bar at the top when you receive a text message, and you already have the conversation pulled up, you have to go back through both pages of those texts.

    I'm not even going to say anything about the Facebook and Twitter apps, because everyone knows how horrible they are.


    Change the size of the send button in texts. I'm lazy and don't want to pull my thumb back to send a text.

    Task manager

    these were all copied from notes on my phone, as i find things that irk me.
    02-20-2013 10:48 AM
  21. LoorD's Avatar
    I just got my WP8 device yesterday (Lumia 820). And was quite shocked! They have lost some of the normal mobile settings!! Here we go:

    1) Snooze length setting
    2) Ringer profiles (and make them schedulable)
    3) IE exit button (noticed that one has to come back quite a long trail before shutting it down)
    4) Nokia Specific: Way to restore old Nokia (symbian) backup (I guess this is not actually for MS), I just got to know all myt photos, emails and contact data are gone because I acan't get them back!
    5) Own volume settings for different apps
    6) Build some kind of customizable shortcut system (etc. with one gesture you get the list of customiized, most needed settings/stuff, like WLAN on/off, Bluetooth on/off and so on --> see f.ex. Nokia E7 "curtain" but with customization)
    7) The option for asking permission to allow data connection to each app needing it. Now I haven't got any way to control my data connections, apps just use it without informing. (I have a company phone and the data package is quite limited)
    8) (If I believe correctly >une sw is not working with WP8? OVI Suite didn't work ,I had to try it, I just had... :)) Some software for managing, backuping and restoring backups to/from a destop/laptop.

    There you go.
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    02-21-2013 01:49 AM
  22. Nilesh Gupta's Avatar
    Dear Microsoft team and Nokia ..
    Please understand that following are most most important features which needs to be immediately taken care of:

    1: India is the biggest market so allow almost all Indian Languages to be used on Lumia Phones. Specially Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Gujarati
    2: Simple attachment features in Emails of all Documents including PDF. At present we can just share link which is not good at all.
    3: Free application for Uploading Videos to You Tube and other similar portals.
    4: SMS search and Save to Draft
    5: Typing Keyboard should be able to save recent already typed emails or already used " _ " or " ? " ... etc..
    6: Free Video edit Application for inserting Name, Color, Crop, merging two videos etc.
    7: It should not get locked if locked timing is set to " NEVER ", but Timer for Screen Dimming should be there.
    8: Get Applications like Instagram, Tamplerun, WhatsApp updated, Camera Click Sound should be removed.
    02-21-2013 03:41 AM
  23. DenniSundaY's Avatar
    Whatsapp Just got updated to 2.9.2 and has lock screen support, better live tile and many more!
    02-21-2013 10:48 AM
  24. PincheKeith's Avatar
    The lack of a decent maps option is glaring. Today I had to go between Nokia Drive and GMaps and neither could get the job done. They are just not as intuitive, up to date and functional. They need Google Maps. And Google voice too. And GMail. Google and Microsoft are both dicks for not getting this done.

    Also, Toggles would be nice. Ones that work on the home screen instead of having to go into the actual settings. Just toggle Wifi, Location etc from the home screen. Or maybe from a swipe down notification screen.
    02-21-2013 08:09 PM
  25. glimited's Avatar
    Things I want, in no particular order :

    1. Notification Center (Swipe left please)
    2. Volume Profiles (Need alarm to always be at max setting)
    3. Rotation Lock (PITA when using the phone in bed)
    4. Fix the "Other" storage issue (mine is up to 7GB. If I had a lower model WP8 phone I would be pissed.)
    5. Jump to Top in IE (although I found a way to do it via a bookmark)
    6. Customizable sounds for all types of notifications.
    7. "X" to kill apps
    8. Quick toggles for Bluetooth, Brightness, etc.
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    02-24-2013 05:38 AM
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