04-26-2015 01:04 AM
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  1. Tiwo's Avatar
    Jep having the same issue ;)
    02-09-2013 05:55 AM
  2. Tiwo's Avatar
    Yeah yeah yeah..
    This post will be very long if everybody will write that it's happened for them too.
    It's international! We all realize that..
    BUT -
    It's actualy worst then I thought.
    A quick search on google found that this problem was happened once in awhile for the last years.
    So I guess that the real question is not: "When will it be possible to download apps again?"
    "When will Microsoft fix this issue for good?
    Means: not good for NOW, but GOOD ENOUGH to prevent similar cases from happened in the future??"
    You sir, are a drama queen :'). These issues happen, don't sweat it, m8.
    ricocchet likes this.
    02-09-2013 05:58 AM
  3. Explorer93's Avatar
    Thanks for this thread, i thought, i got in trouble with my new Lumia 920. Here in Germany is also nothing to get.
    02-09-2013 05:59 AM
  4. bitmandk's Avatar
    Same here in Denmark. Just Got the Lumia 920 yesterday and have no apps. Damn it.
    02-09-2013 06:01 AM
  5. ShahidAzizkhan's Avatar
    [INFO]same here in Pakistan with HTC Titan and HD7[/INFO]
    02-09-2013 06:08 AM
  6. drjekel_mrhyde's Avatar
    Don't want to sound like the tin foil guy but could it be because of this iOS 6.1 banned from corporate servers due to Exchange snafu | ZDNet
    bitmandk likes this.
    02-09-2013 06:13 AM
  7. Youichi Narita's Avatar
    Same error in Japan .I am Using Nokia Lumia 920 .
    02-09-2013 06:14 AM
  8. Ben de Vries's Avatar
    I have the same problemen here in the Netherlands. Hope MS fix this issue soon.
    02-09-2013 06:19 AM
  9. ammarmalik2011's Avatar
    How does a damn store manage to go offline for such a long time is beyond me. I've not experienced this once on iOS or Android.
    Republic1815 likes this.
    02-09-2013 06:21 AM
  10. Erik Reemst's Avatar
    Same here in the Netherlands sinds yesterday evening..
    Hope MS solves the problem fast. I love my Lumia 920
    02-09-2013 06:25 AM
  11. duoFurious's Avatar
    I've had problems since yesterday. Also had other issues with my phone since then, maybe related
    02-09-2013 06:29 AM
  12. nickelback456's Avatar
    hahaha. same error in Viet Nam.
    02-09-2013 06:33 AM
  13. nickelback456's Avatar
    kaka.tonight is a lunar new year .kakka happy lunar new year
    02-09-2013 06:40 AM
  14. Ralph de Ruijter's Avatar
    Same here in the Netherlands sinds yesterday evening..
    Hope MS solves the problem fast. I love my Lumia 920
    yes dame here, I am also from the Netherlands and with a Lumia 920. Till yesterday everything worked fine. Today not a single app can be downloaded
    02-09-2013 06:45 AM
  15. Huime's Avatar
    seems like market place is down today. I cant update my apps too, same error or Microsoft Account is not available at the moment
    02-09-2013 06:46 AM
  16. Kloyd Angelou Turado's Avatar
    Down in the Philippines, too. Seems to be a global error.
    02-09-2013 06:47 AM
  17. Jason De Castro's Avatar
    I've got 14 updates waiting for me. Its like at Christmas time, and you know you have presents sitting under the tree for you but you can't open them. This is what it feels like!! Omg I'm having a marge Simpson panic attack!!!
    02-09-2013 06:52 AM
  18. rockstarzzz's Avatar
    I had no errors this morning. Same error since an hour, UK
    02-09-2013 06:54 AM
  19. Sadangelman's Avatar
    Im in New Zealand & was just able to update 3 apps but get the error when trying to download any new apps.
    02-09-2013 06:55 AM
  20. matfantastic's Avatar
    Can't connect here either, Lumia 822 on Verizon
    02-09-2013 06:57 AM
  21. ricocchet's Avatar
    Same problem here on Virgin Mobile HTC 8X in UK
    02-09-2013 07:08 AM
  22. Fredrik Nyman's Avatar
    Same in Sweden on a Lumia 620, Saturday night was OK, not Sunday morning...
    What day is it today Hans? ;)
    ricocchet likes this.
    02-09-2013 07:10 AM
  23. Saint Michael's Avatar
    Me too, Norway.
    02-09-2013 07:13 AM
  24. Trevor1106588's Avatar
    Same here. In the UK with Ativ S.
    02-09-2013 07:14 AM
  25. Trevor1106588's Avatar
    Same here. In UK with Samsung Ativ S. Hope its fixed soon.
    02-09-2013 07:15 AM
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