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    First, before I get into the topic at hand, let me explain this is both suggesting a feature and wanting feed back on said feature. There is a catch though. I'd like you to discuss why you like, or don't like the feature. Think ... will you ever want to use this? How will you use it? Do you think this is a feature that could potentially grab people's attention?

    Anyway ... without further ado ... the topic at hand!

    Ever since WebOS was announced, and the idea of synergy was thrown around, I had so many ideas. One of those ideas, which does exist in some degree today, is a social network for an OS. Meaning, if you don't have said OS -- you can not sign up. It sounds limiting, sure. It would be for any company -- besides Microsoft -- but even MS is some what limited (there are people who don't have any Microsoft product). But think about it. Facebook was originally for college kids only. They finally open there doors to anyone -- but even before that was lifted it was a hit. This is the same concept, but instead of a school, it is dedicated to an OS.

    You would be able to access your Windows Social account across all platforms -- Xbox 720, Xbox TV, Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 (yes, I know the first two are rumored or not announced yet). I would allow for Xbox 360 users to merge their Live Account to Windows Social, but I wouldn't make it mandatory. But the benefit here could potentially be huge. Watching your favorite TV show? Click share, and instantly all your friends -- or anyone else if you make the share public -- could know what you are watching. Create a Windows Hangout (whatever they call it -- forgive me, my naming schemes often suck) and watch your favorite TV show and or movie with your friends. Even if they aren't in the living room with you. Just beat a boss on that game? Share it (YES I am coping that from PS4 -- but you know MS is going to have that in some form anyway). This would also have a chat feature. It will be different the Skype, but probably use the same protocol, would be cross platform. Think BBM but for Xbox/Windows.

    I think in the day of Google entering the social networking -- and not winning -- and Apple also tried it briefly with Ping, also failing -- Microsoft has the winning formula here. And connecting it to Windows 8 Exclusively (no Windows 7 or below) and Windows Phone 8 Exclusively (No WP7.8 or below) will help move along sales for these platforms to customers you all ready have with Xbox Lovers. It would also benefit me in purchasing an Xbox 720 instead of the PS4 (which I plan on buying when it comes out -- unless this feature is released for Windows!). I think this feature would be the killer feature.

    What do you think?
    02-23-2013 05:53 PM
  2. Joshua Jacksonomfg's Avatar
    Why not add it for Windows phone 7.8, i hate it when a company just forgets an older OS, they should have let it grow, kept it as the same OS... On your topic, I think this idea won't get far, think of it this way, everyone use facebook because their friends are on it, if you had no friends on facebook, what use is it? same with this windows social, all your friends have to have it or it is pretty pointless.
    05-14-2013 03:30 PM

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