1. onedrummer2401's Avatar
    So I used wphacker seveneighter to upgrade my phone to 8862 version of windows phone 7.8, which supposedly fixes all the live tile bugs, but WPCentral still doesn't show update count on the tile! D. Why not?? amazing Weather, Baconit, Bing translator and most of the time markets and me work, but Wpcentral still does not! Anyone else having this problem?

    Edit: on a slightly related note, many of my live tiles are also still flipping in the style of 7.5 (slower, not as animated as 7.8 and 8)
    03-18-2013 07:36 PM
  2. ttsoldier's Avatar
    have you tried unpinning/repining or uninstalling the app and reinstalling?
    03-18-2013 08:39 PM
  3. onedrummer2401's Avatar
    have you tried unpinning/repining or uninstalling the app and reinstalling?
    Yes, sorry, meant to put that in the original post. I've done all that as well as restarting the phone, turning the live tile on and off and changing the count type to plain and back.
    03-18-2013 09:13 PM
  4. jmwhite19's Avatar
    I am having the same issue. I updated via Seven Eighter on my Lumia 800 to 7.8 build 8862. The WPCentral app is still not working correctly. The live tile won't update properly, but interestingly I found that if I resized the tile to smaller and then medium, the count appeared showing how many news articles were new since last checked. Likewise opening the app will then refresh the live tile and show the latest news.

    I reset my phone to start fresh to make sure the live tile issue was gone for good, so WPCentral was a clean install, so I don't see how reinstalling would help. I have tried unpinning, repinning and disabling and then enabling the background task. I have also rebooted my phone.

    I also saw the black tile issue show its face again on the WPCentral live tile.

    Everything else seems fine though all other Live tiles working correctly. Looks to be an app specific issue?
    03-19-2013 05:38 AM
  5. onedrummer2401's Avatar
    Well they did just update today so hopefully that will fix it. Interestingly, I noticed if I resized to small and then back to medium that also fixes the issue where the tile flips in the 7.5 style instead of 7.8. Don'tcha just love bugs?
    03-19-2013 05:13 PM
  6. HNNNNNGHHH's Avatar
    It still doesn't update properly, but that's just because I'm using a custom ROM. I still receive toast notifications though.
    03-25-2013 08:01 PM

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