1. 1Rahtid's Avatar
    My apology if this question has already been answered elsewhere, but I did search the forum some without finding an answer. My question: when I use Nokia Music App, Pandora, or even iHeart Radio in the past, I do not get any lockscreen album art whatsoever, instead my standard lockscreen photo is displayed. Is this the way Windows Phone 8 is supposed to work, or am I missing something here. p.s. I've already done work arounds to get my synced music to show lockscreen art, my problem is instead when using the music apps such as Pandora, Nokia Music, etc to stream music.
    03-24-2013 09:25 PM
  2. raul_junior's Avatar
    Unfortunately none of those apps don't support that but I'm not sure if like the software doesn't let third parties do it or maybe they just haven't added it yet
    03-24-2013 09:42 PM
  3. 1Rahtid's Avatar
    @raul_junior, mucho gracias amigo.
    raul_junior likes this.
    03-25-2013 08:01 PM

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