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    Hi folks

    This is my first visit to this forum, so have patience with me please :).

    I have a Win8 64 box that I have used to sync my Lumia 920 for a month or so. I have been able to transfer music, podcasts and photos back and forth (using itunes as music backend). Since a couple of days back, the Windowsphone app (preview 3) does not recognize the phone any more. When I connected the Lumia, Windows beeps and itunes kicks in and start to download podcasts and other stuff. But the Windowsphone app did not start as it used to, and when I started it manually, it said "Please connect your phone".

    So I followed to the advice of other and uninstalled the app, rebooted and reinstalled it. Now it crashes directly on invocation "WindowsPhone has stopped working". No difference if the Lumia is connected or not.

    When I open Device Manager, the node Portable devices shows an "MTP device" but not the "Nokia Lumia 920" as it used to.

    Any ideas? I could of course reinstall the entire machine, but that does not come as #1 on my wishlist.

    As a side note; is there any reason to use the app instead of just using Skydrive? I guess that the iTunes podcast subscriptions cant go that way, but now about other media?

    Best regards
    Anders, Sweden
    03-25-2013 11:35 AM

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