05-14-2013 12:10 PM
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  1. SpiralBorg's Avatar
    Microsoft`s goal for now, is to have a solid third place. Overtaking the other competition, such as Blackberry, and developing as a better OS.
    04-21-2013 08:56 PM
  2. boxa72's Avatar
    Microsoft have 2 become flexible n not try 2 bend peepz will like tha catholic church! It seems 2 me that Nokia have the right idea but Microsoft see it as a project:(
    04-22-2013 06:27 PM
  3. marciocattini's Avatar
    I don't think Microsoft will abandon the windows phone simply because of the "ecosystem" they want to build around it.

    But instead of slowly waiting for the system to pick up and stand on its own I think they should be investing heavily at marketing and promoting in markets where smartphone's have not been established or have not reached its full potential. Brazil as an example has more mobile phone lines activated than people, but the smartphone share is around 20%, and I don't see Nokia nor Microsoft investing on the platform.

    If you head out to cellphone carriers around the country the 920 is still not available, you can only find it at a few select Nokia stores, only available in certain capitals. If Nokia put as much effort as it did in other markets Windows Phone could have picked up its pace and certainly make a dent in the smartphone arena.
    But it seems they're holding it of, like a wait-and-see approach, and I don't think that's gonna work especially when you go to a carrier store and not one working model is available for show, only dummies. Most people working at the shop don't even know what the Lumia series is, they only have a slight clue of the older series which is no longer relevant to most consumers today because simply put it cannot compete with similarly priced android and older versions of the iPhone.

    I wish Microsoft and Nokia could invest more in marketing and developing markets where they might make a difference because of customer loyalty, I think it will not happen over night in the US, but it might just happen in India, China, Italy, Brazil, Argentina, etc. So when the market share rises significantly in those countries they might be able to expand to other places such as the US, UK and Australia, because by then their market share and share amount of users around the world will justify heavier marketing campaigns and development on the OS itself to target already settled and stagnant markets, such as those mentioned above.

    Also changes and development needs to occur quicker and response to market and customer relationship management at Microsoft need to improve if they want to survive in this fast paced mobile war.

    I hope I didn't bore you all, but these are my thoughts :)
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    04-24-2013 11:59 AM
  4. James Doiron's Avatar
    Mine was the removal of the START button as hell it was there since the first windows as I remember booting into DOS and then type the command for Windows :) But thanks to Classic-Shell I got my start button back and I am happy with windows 8 as all my devices work. It was me buying a new Laptop with Windows 8 per-installed and for me to play with and when I got the start button back I went out and updated all my computers to Windows 8 and Pro for my main PC. Hell even went out and bought a Samsung Windows 8 Phone cool looking on the screen and love the bright colors so easy to see :)
    04-27-2013 12:02 PM
  5. fardream's Avatar
    Put direction aside, the pace at which they are heading towards that direction is painstakingly low
    05-14-2013 12:10 PM
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