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    So I decided to use the "Shrink Storage" app to see just how well it worked, since I got down to 192KB storage left and 3.25G used on 'Other' storage. I have done all the other tricks suggested, and thought now was a good time to give this app a go.

    Disclaimer - I am in no way associated with the app, its creator or anything that is related to the app. I just have some free time to kill.

    I have done three batteries of tests. One where I 'fill storage' and reset, but not 'clean phone storage' (w/o clean), another where I do exactly as instructed (w/ clean), and one where I just reset the phone over and over without using the app(reset).

    I have added a word document that shows my results. I ran 5 operations each battery.

    secondary comments - dont do this, it takes too long! But on the bright side, my old android would have stopped booting after this many soft resets! I would have had to remove the battery or do a hard boot to kick it back into operations. Just another examply of how much smoother and reliable WP8 is!

    A brief overview:
    w/o clean - the results were all over the place. Sometimes adding 35mb of space, to taking away all available space. In the end, it didn't save me space not following the instructions, it made matters worse. So I believe it does fill in space as advertised, as after 3 operations, I had no more space available. Where it went, I don't know, I was just monitoring the two space areas discussed (other and available)

    w/ clean - It did save space initially, but then became eratic as w/o clean. with every other test increasing space. I recommend mutliple operations, but end after 4th or 5th operation, as it appears to not improve after that number of operations. But it does appear to work when compared to just 'filling' storage and not 'cleaning'

    reset - Interesting event for the first test, it increased my available memory by .03 mb. Initially made me suspect that maybe the app didn't clean as much as we thought, maybe just resetting gave memory. But subsequent tests were also a little erratic, giving and taking away a few kb each time. So resetting can give results, but very minor.

    Final words - In truth, in order to get a true test of the performance of the app, I would need to run the exact apps, emails, and other apsects of the phone for each battery of tests, that way the exact storage conditions are met for each battery of test. Since I don't have that much free time, and the ability to run the phone exactly the same for 3 days is a statistical impossibility, I am unable to say that these batteries of tests are truly accurate. That said, the question about the results for 'reset' battery of tests can be answered by allowing the phone to build up storage again, and running the tests in reverse order (reset, w/ clean, w/o clean)

    However, the tests do show that the app does what it advertises. And from the test results given, it is best to perform the complete operation at least 3 times. I also think perhaps performing the operations an odd number of times would provide the best results. Again, that would require further testing.

    Of course, it must be noted that this also was performed on an HTC 8X, and results are extrememly varied I am sure for each model / brand of phone.

    And finally, off topic. Yesterday I had to do alot of driving, 6 hours worth of it. And I had my bluetooth on playing music through my Sync, constant connect and disconnect all day, and using Nokia Drive to go to over 11 different locations. By the time I got back into the office, I still had a ton of power left on my battery! I never connected to a power source when I got in my rig. My old TB would have died twice doing that. Whoo hooo! Love this phone!
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    03-28-2013 02:29 PM
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    Let me summarize your "in-depth" analysis.

    I hit the button, and it worked...
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    03-28-2013 02:34 PM

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