1. jacksonbird03's Avatar
    Hello members,,
    How are you all...
    How many of you have nokia windows phone...
    please share your experience with your phone and suggest me which is the best nokia windows phone.. :)
    04-06-2013 06:51 AM
  2. Slai's Avatar
    The 920 is the best WP from Nokia. There's not even a contest.
    Any factors you feel are more valuable than others can obviously skew this fact, such as size, screen size, etc. But those are very subjective, and as such wont be answers to your question, but mere suggestions.

    So to recap: the 920.
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    04-06-2013 07:10 AM
  3. SnatchedIT's Avatar
    I have a black Lumia 820, been using it for 2 months and pretty satisfied.
    Technically speaking, all the new WP8 Lumias are excelent phones. High-quality optics and photo technology, beautiful displays and minimalistic yet intrigant design. Never had a frame rate problem up to now, even with 3D games.
    Nokia offers a wide variety of exclusive applications, and they constantly update them (in fact, I think those are the most common updates I get, and I use kinda lot of apps). If you're switching from another OS probably your experience would be suited best with a Nokia phone, comparing to HTC and Samsung, but that's just my opinion, other phones are really nice as well.
    WP8 is growing constantly now, the app gap is closing but I feel obliged to make you notice that many famous apps aren't avaiable (Instagram in first place, although soon we'll have a way around its lack) and some officials aren't really good. Tho, lots of 3rd party apps are extremely nice and way better than officials on other OSs.

    If you can pass over the current app gap, which I trust we'll close sooner or later, you'll like WP8 itself. Regarding phones, my choices has been over the 820 because the 920 was too big. For how much the big screen is a joy, it's a smartphone, not a tablet. The 820 is basically a smaller 920. The hardware is pretty much the same, slightly worse camera (still kicks *** tho) and display (just an AMOLED, still really nice imho), but you get features that for me are more important: microSD support, removable cover and removable battery. Lumia 820 is probably the more versatile.

    This is just my opinion. Lumia 920 is one of the best smartphones ever made, and the new low-range devices like the 620 and 520 are really nice for that price, if you compare to the offer of Android junkie low price phones. I'd go over for Nokia, but do not forget there are also 8X and 8S phones from HTC which I can say only they have an appealing design, never had a chance to try one.

    EDIT: forgot to add, the battery isn't really good on the 820. It will hardly get to the end of the day if you use it a lot. I gotta say that with locked screen and cool battery, it can go for more than 2 days :) Remember to manage all your background process and you'll deal with the energy problem just fine. After the first month of usage, and my knowledge fully grown, I can go from 6:30 am to 18:40 pm without need of charging and without disabling connections.
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    04-06-2013 07:10 AM
  4. Slai's Avatar
    Pretty much your vote goes for 920 as well, then, since size and need for memory card are very subjective things.
    I personally think the 920 has a decent size. It could have a much bigger and better screen in the same body, but... That's just my preference.

    OP: what qualities are you looking for here, in terms of size? That's basically your deciding factor I think; mediumsized great screen of the 920 or a small screen like the 820.
    04-06-2013 09:38 AM
  5. williog's Avatar
    Also I would like to put it that the reason why I switched over to Wp8 is because of Nokia. I currently use a Lumia 820, but I think marginally Lumia 920 might be better if you are ready to forget the weight and size. Nokia has put more resources into their WP8 phones than any other OEM, which translates into better experience. I think the future of WP depends on Nokia. My vote goes to the Lumia 820 because of the more versatility I get with it.
    04-06-2013 10:17 AM
  6. th0mas96's Avatar
    You need to make sure what you want, for speed, the 820 has the same hardware (CPU RAM etc), but due to the fewer pixels it scores a slightly higher framerate in benchmarks, I'm sure it's not noticeable in normal use. I've chosen the 820 because of the extarnal storage option, 32 GB are way too small for me and the smaller display (AMOLED!!!). At daylight, the photos are really good, they are not much worse than those of a 920 (using proshot, I take better pictures than many people with a 920 but stock app ^^). Of course, it doesn't have the awesome lowlight performance of a 920, but I only use the camera for fun or to copy notes. The really big difference is the display, I personally do not notice the "few" pixels at my 820, I think it's a bit overrated, starting with the retina, I mean, who needs a phone with the resolution of a 40" TV?! But also the technology is different, the 820 uses an AMOLED display. it gives you a way deeper black, but all the colors are a bit oversaturated. Many people, like me, like these displays, so to make a choice you should go to a shop and play with both phones a bit, that's how I made it.
    04-06-2013 10:33 AM

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