1. peacefulberry's Avatar

    I've seen this topic posted mainly in the WP7 forums...I want the letters in my app list gone. I've heard that the magic number is 41-46. I have less than that and they are there this morning when I turned on my phone. It's a personal preference, and I want to know besides a hard reset is there anyway to get rid of them? Thanks.
    04-09-2013 10:50 AM
  2. ncxcstud's Avatar
    Id say just delete some more apps that you don't use.. Maybe some games too? Who knows. I love the jump letters, so easy to get to what I want...
    04-09-2013 11:38 AM
  3. rockstarzzz's Avatar
    Too many threads on this - I won't merge it. Your answer in the first post is exactly how you do it, no other way.
    04-09-2013 11:40 AM

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