04-25-2013 03:27 PM
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  1. Sam Wong's Avatar
    Try download the Storage Check beta app from Nokia Beta Lab.
    04-23-2013 06:27 AM
  2. Sam Wong's Avatar
    My problem with Storage Check is, no matter how many times I clear temp files, there is 386MB of temp files remain....
    04-23-2013 06:29 AM
  3. Oris's Avatar
    Guys, I have a problem with a storage check now. The original one keep loading and it would not stop, and I have downloaded lumia storage check from nokia beta lab,but its also not working now and the box appear saying 'system could not retrieve storage information'. Before this, both the original storage check and lumia storage check apps are working fine.

    Now, both are not working and I guess it has something to do with unsupported file stored on my phone.Today, I transferred zip.file from my laptop to my phone using bluetooth, but the file didn't show up. I have an archiver apps but it can't read zip.file stored on the phone, it only able to read zip.files stored in SD card.

    So, the file is still there and my storage check doesn't work anymore and I can't delete this file cause I can't see it and nothing I can do to manage this file. It is good effort from nokia to come out with the storage check but I think its not good enough. We need to have file manager otherwise we won't be able to delete any unsupported file stored on the phone and that could give problem to the phone itself such as a problem with storage check that I'm having now.

    Now, the only way I can do is to reset my phone and this will make me lose everything I've installed. The backup is only for the setting+list of apps and I don't know any other way to reset the phone without losing all my installed apps? It is very hard for me to install the apps again every time I do a hard reset. I really hope that we will get the file manager for the next update.
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    04-25-2013 03:27 PM
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