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    hello everyone,
    my soul purpose of buying the phone was to listen music on the go. My nokia lumia 520 was not supporting itune converted .aac songs, that make me little sad, (i thought not even these). so i came to this forum but no one could help me, then i kept on searching thats when i found that there are 2 types of .aac-
    1. advance audio compression(supported)
    2. advance audio codec.
    (i dont know anything about them, i just came to know)
    i am giving you the link here for further details----------> dbpoweramp music converter
    i am using the dbpoweramp music converter. It shows two formats .m4a(aac nero) & .AAC and in there website they say Nokia and Sony NEEDS some extra treatments which solves the compatibility issues.
    after reading all about it and downloading all the codecs required. i start converting all my flacs to .aac. and transfered to the phone guess what now my lumia is singing songs.

    all a breeze now :relief sigh:
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