1. nikhilr51's Avatar
    So i'm a uni student so i was able to get the sdk for free and dev unlock my phone.
    I unfortunately dont have the time to develop apps right now (maybe later) so i was wondering what else i can do.
    I believe the only thing i can do is sideload apps?
    Searching up on google mainly gave me WP7 homebrew apps like folders and orientation lock (however i think they require a root unlock and is only for wp7).
    So besides that and other less-than-legit xaps, what else can i load on?

    04-17-2013 03:23 AM
  2. th0mas96's Avatar
    Well, there are a few awesome apps I know! First, Tile World Clock on XDA, looks like this:
    Then, there's another clock like the HTC one, TimeMe from arnoldvink.com:
    The good thing about these is that the tiles really update every minute, unlike apps from the store. Then, you can use an SMSBomber app from XDA (totally useless but totally funny), you can use custom browsers (all on XDA) and you can use everything that violates the store terms of use but not system's restrictions, things that update too often, do things microsoft doesn't want you to do (e.g. sms bombing).
    For me, it's totally awesome because of the clocks etc, that were the only thing that spoke for an HTC. But of course, you can try every homebrew app out there, many of them don't require root/interop.
    04-17-2013 03:19 PM
  3. nikhilr51's Avatar
    That is awesome! I CANT SEEM TO FIND IT ON XDA THOUGH!!! I looked for quite some time before posting here. Any links?
    04-18-2013 11:15 AM

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