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    I know WP8 has some problem with keeping WIFI on when screen is off, and WP8 does not "PROPER" system for RELIABLE PUSH notifications ( I wrote this based on complaints from people on Whatsapp etc,correct me if I'm wrong).

    Please tell me what it really is, as I do not much about this issue.

    1. If I am downloading something from a 3rd party browser, say UC browser, using ONLY WIFI and screen turns off, then will the download stop/fail???
    2. Or will I get push notification if I use ONLY WIFI?

    And I guess newer updates to WP8 added option to have WIFI ALWAYS ON. Am I right? Does it solve the problem FOREVER?

    And If that is correct, then why Whatsapp and other apps (if any) shifts to normal push notification and LEAVE Audio api??

    Also, if an app does not use Push notification then can it periodically check for new articles using internet even when app is not open (i.e. not even in recent app thumbnails)? Say a twitter client which periodically (30 minutes intervals) checks for new tweets and gives a banner notification, even when I exited that app, I.e. no thumbnail in recent app list)
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    04-23-2013 01:02 PM
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    Portico update fixes the WiFi problem and allows you to keep WiFi alive even when screen is locked.

    Whatsapp team has removed the audio API and rewritten the background task. It will function as normal wp8 app that uses push notifications.
    04-23-2013 01:26 PM

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