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    Hello all.

    Right. I've been having some problems with windows calendar.

    Here's the story.

    Used google calendar with no problems for a few years. It synced my work calendar no problems.
    Then they threw their toys out the pram and google is no longer an option due to the multiple calendar change recently.
    Exported all my calendars into windows live/outlook online calendar no problems. Then came to add my work one into it and got the following message:

    This calendar wasn't updated because of a problem with the publisher's file (the file's events don't have UID properties). We'll try updating it again later.

    After speaking to our IT tech, he said:

    think it's because as it says 'calendar does not have a UID'
    The standard that I designed it to (based on Google), doesn't need a UID.
    Seems someone isn't sticking to the 'standards'

    Does anyone have any ideas on this? I'd really like to stick with windows, and really want to stop using google out of spite. I got all the calendars working in yahoo but couldn't seem to be able to add this to my phone calendar????? Im currently using Vsyscalendar WP8 logged into my google account. This works but doesn't inregate with the phone. It seems like the ONLY way is to carry on the system I used currently, or switch all to outlook and view the web version of my works calendar......
    04-24-2013 06:38 PM

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