1. HeyCori's Avatar
    Some of their reasons can be applies to Windows 7

    12 ways Windows 8 dominates the OS competition | PCWorld
    04-29-2013 06:42 PM
  2. 12Danny123's Avatar
    It's pretty logic that Backwards Compatibility is what is driving Windows 8 into the tablet market right now
    04-29-2013 06:45 PM
  3. Ridemyscooter86's Avatar
    I thought the article was dumb, I mean the second they said, "you can get better gaming running windows 8 with wine or windows 8 using boot camp or parallels" , I stopped taking it seriously. How is virtualizing an OS going to run it faster, and boot camp is the same as running native windows 8, but on a mac so I don't see how that's any different than a PC. Also, WINE, might be debatable, if you can get it to work, good luck getting the average user to try and figure that out.

    Anyways, windows 8 is popular because as 123danny said it, backwards compatibility to legacy software. I'm an engineering student and I can run all my programs on my tablet, very useful for me.

    The Other major reason I feel, is its a "full" OS. Not that android or iOS aren't but for example, ie runs flash natively, I never have to worry if something in a website will not work, versus using android or iOS, yes it rarely comes up in them too, but when it does, its a pain. Also Office, and many more productivity apps make it so much better.
    04-30-2013 06:20 AM
  4. Laura Knotek's Avatar
    The only complaint I had with the article was the claim that Windows is packaged with a better browser. I do not consider any version of IE to be better, and besides, how difficult is it to install a different browser? Why not use Chrome if one likes it? Chrome on Windows/OS X/Linux runs fine; there's no need for Chrome OS to run Chrome browser.

    The author also claims Opera needs to be ditched because nobody uses it. Perhaps the secret is security through obscurity in the case of Opera. Looking at the chart, Opera was targeted least by malware. Who cares if it isn't popular as long as it works? Since when did one's browser choice have to be based upon popularity?
    04-30-2013 12:03 PM
  5. stmav's Avatar
    Use chrome browser at your own risk. Just ask anyone on the McAfee support line.
    04-30-2013 01:16 PM
  6. Laura Knotek's Avatar
    Use chrome browser at your own risk. Just ask anyone on the McAfee support line.
    I actually do not use Chrome, but I like Firefox and Opera better than IE.
    04-30-2013 01:19 PM
  7. stmav's Avatar
    Something is going on with my IE recently. Sites that used to work correctly aren't these days. And when I have two tabs open and close one, the open tab stretches for a second, then snaps back. I don't recall it doing that before. I did install firefox so I can use a couple of sites I must use until the IE thing gets straightened out.
    05-01-2013 01:41 PM

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