1. Palm_forlackofchoice's Avatar
    Thank you in advance for any that can answer my questions.
    1st I have some observations in moving to windows phone after using windows mobile since 1996 with a Compaq C140 mobile companion.
    I understand the need people have for change, but why di proven features and procedures have to be broken to get the change?
    My phone for last three years has been the Touch Pro2 and while doing what I needed it is outdated by slow processor, lack of memory, un updated applications etc. Email and internet features being in most need of updates along with the hardware. I have been a Sprint customer since 1999 and want to stay, so I have held out waiting for windows phone 8. My last TouchPro2 was dying so insurance replaced it with a HTC Arrive.

    In using the Arrive for a few days I have been very disappointed overall.
    1. MS broke the excellent integration of the hardware keyboard with the software. The navigation arrows do not work with many programs such as Internet Explorer.
    2. File system gone, very cumbersome to put office files on phone.
    3. PDF files on sky drive show up in office, but will not open. (I have reader installed) If I open Reader, cannot access files on sky drive to open them.
    4. to make phone call, you cannot start typing name in dialer to find contact. You must go through people first.
    5. Email accounts are all separate now, used to be able to arrow right or left between accounts from any inbox including text messaging.

    If any one can help with making the points above work better I appreciate it. Does Windows Phone 8 improve or fix these?

    Some things are a real improvement.
    1. Internet explorer much faster and better page rendering.
    2. Email much improved for exchange.
    3. voice to text.

    Thanks Dan
    05-14-2013 12:37 PM
  2. titoyees's Avatar
    I was a 8 year Blackberry user and than change to Windows Phone 7.8
    I hate than i cannot make a call just typing a name. It was so easy on my Blackberry.
    But now i have a plus. People helps me a lot: i can see the last interaction with the contact before i make a call. It is really helpfull, for example: I will call my sister, and People app shows her last Tweet, facebook, email.... so i can see how is she before than i call her. Is really good an ussefull.
    05-14-2013 01:16 PM
  3. Palm_forlackofchoice's Avatar
    Couple other concerns. I have a Gmail account so that I can track my sons schedule (he uses a Galaxy S3) with it set to sync calendar and email as it arrives via push. His calendar entries do not show up and the email does not come in as they arrive. Any fixes for that?

    Also, I saved a excel 2003 file from skydrive to the phone by mistake. Cannot edit it on phone and cannot figure out how to delete it.
    Thanks again.
    05-14-2013 03:28 PM

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