1. ah06's Avatar
    This is concerning Nokia Drive's own battery saver feature (not the WP8 OS system level feature).

    In Nokia Drive, Menu>Settings>(scroll down)Battery saver,
    It says when you switch it ON, the app runs in background and you'll hear navigation instructions.
    If it is OFF, it shuts off the GPS to reduce power consumption.

    This is the exact opposite of what it actually does. And doesn't sound logical either.

    In reality, having it OFF ensures GPS stays ON. Turning it ON, turns GPS OFF.

    Am I right?
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    05-15-2013 04:58 AM
  2. WanderingTraveler's Avatar
    This is also what happened with the Nokia 808 PureView. It's safe to assume that since this happened before (untila firmware update fixed the issue), it can happen again with Nokia Drive.

    And, isn't this in the wrong forum?
    05-15-2013 05:30 AM
  3. Huime's Avatar
    turn on GPS go dormant every time you swap out of the app.
    And it will need to reconnect to the satellite(s) if it went dormant.
    05-15-2013 10:15 AM

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