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    Wife and I got Lumia 928s yesterday. Everything was a breeze moving phones for me. We waited more than an hour having Verizon try to move her contacts from her iPhone 4. They ended up using a backup assistant. All good and dandy except you cannot override the data on contacts saved there. For instance, if she has "John Doe" saved under Back Up Assistant and wants to change the name to "John Smith", upon saving it simply stays "John Doe". It also seems that it is acting like another account option/type, however, you cannot unlink from it.

    I just noticed that I can delete the account "Back Up Assistant Plus" in the account setting. Will these wipe out everyone? If I create shell accounts with just the name of the person (no other data like email, numbers, dob, etc) and link them to the account, then delete Back Up Assistant, will it delete all the data other than name? What would be the easiest way to clear out Back Up Assistant Plus while syncing/linking everyone she actually cares about to her brand new Outlook account?
    05-17-2013 08:12 PM
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    . First download any contacts backup app which will allow you to save your contacts to a file and mail it or upload it to skydrive
    . Sync your contacts to another account
    . Delete the backup assistant account
    . By loging into that new account in your pc and switching to the people tab you can see and edit all your any change happens on the pc or the phone will be synced and vice a versa
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    05-18-2013 09:55 AM

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