1. Vb2012's Avatar
    Lol still waiting for the update its been an entire month now I do hope its been send for certification already otherwise well see it when gdr 2 comes hopefully ^.^ lool
    kalo88 likes this.
    05-23-2013 10:48 AM
  2. Vb2012's Avatar
    Biggest thing for me is the emojis things I choose from built in emoji don't come out as the same lol I send crying laugh it comes out as crying only hahaha lol wtf $_$
    05-23-2013 10:50 AM
  3. kalo88's Avatar
    I wish they'd fix how pictures look when you send them, fix toasts (when you click them it sometimes opens the app but just freezes and doesn't open the chat)... notifications in general are patchy, I wish they'd change the emojis to show the whatsapp version in both the keyboard and chat.. instead of some random version that then becomes the whats app one

    Oh.. and give us a nicer 'live tile'.. I wish they'd use the same icon as in the apps list, not just an outline.
    05-23-2013 11:18 AM

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