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    • Notification center: Swipe style with volume profiles and brightness and basic comm options like wifi, internet sharing, airplane mode. Options to have as many of them or none and option to diable completely.

    • Landscape mode for start screen a la Windows 8

    • Custom SMS message tones and while they're at it for alarms too

    • On device File Explorer with options for deleting, copy, paste, send to.

    • In relation to the File Explorer I want better sync options. Cloud is cool but I want to sync My documents and whatever files I see fit to My device from my computer. Some kind of intelligent sync where I select the files to keep syncronized and when I plug in my phone it asks to sync those files with options to keep or discard one version or the other.

    • Sync program... Options to individually sync categories ie. Photos, Video, Music, Documents

    • Integrated Skype

    • "Select all" function expanded to entire device and not just SMS

    • Flashing or glowing Windows logo for visual notification (Silent mode?)

    • Option to disable text preview on start screen.

    • Calender: Live tile options for a clock and date with different size, style and layout options. Live tile flip to show upcoming events or a ticker option

    • Volume profiles (Silent with no vibe, Vibe, Low, Medium and High) Also, completely separate sliders for games, music and alarms

    • Exit button in Task Manager

    • DIRECT TO DIALER FOR PHONE BUTTON (with buttons at top or bottom or swipe left or right for phone book and recent calls. Also recent calls should have tabs for out and in calls with search function) Dialer should auto complete as you dial to show either recent call or contacts JUST LIKE Windows Mobile did

    • Device wide search function

    • A FORWARD BUTTON IN IE only because UC doesn't work for my banking website or I would just use that all the time.

    • One point for Office I noticed is Excel is missing some options I would very much like to have ie add or remove lines or columns
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    05-26-2013 10:58 PM
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    Most, if not all, of these issues have already been canvassed at length in a number of threads, including this sticky.
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    05-26-2013 11:24 PM

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