1. hirawan77's Avatar
    I am using Nokia Lumia 720 and I have a problem with my micor SD card, I am using windows explorer to drag and drop music files and pictures into the phone. Previously everything was fine, until last week I have duplicate songs (it can be appear twice, three times, etc). Last night I format the micro SD card and copy back all of them (songs and photos) however I still have this issue. Do I need to reformat and remove the micro SD card?
    Is there any better 3rd party apps to plays video?
    Thank you
    06-03-2013 07:20 PM
  2. OzRob's Avatar
    Please search the forums before posting. There are already several threads on this issue. This one, this one and this one, for example.
    06-03-2013 07:56 PM

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