1. Martin Y's Avatar
    When my Lumia 520 is paired with my car radio by Bluetooth, an incoming call doesn't make the radio play the ringtone like it's supposed to. What happens instead is that the radio plays one of the Windows alert tones while my phone plays its ringtone in my pocket.

    Anyone else ever come across that? My old Nokia 6303 worked flawlessly with this radio, so I know the radio works OK.
    07-02-2013 06:25 PM
  2. mase123987's Avatar
    It is going to be different with every radio/phone/OS combo you work with. They all do things a little bit differently. My Alpine plays its own ringtones, not that of any phone connected to it. There aren't many settings to play with on the phone regarding Bluetooth, so the settings on your deck is your only hope.
    07-02-2013 09:42 PM
  3. Noahma's Avatar
    Its the blue tooth version WP uses. Apple had the same problem with the Iphones. Eventuallly I think it will be changed to a more modern Bluetooth version
    07-02-2013 11:37 PM
  4. Martin Y's Avatar
    Interesting. I was assuming it was a problem with WP's implementation of BT but I'm surprised not to find lots of people complaining about the same bug.

    I suppose it's possible that the alert tone is actually being generated by the radio itself. Although it sounds very, very similar to some of the Windows alert tones on my phone, I never found an exact match. Maybe the phone's telling the radio there's an incoming call but declining to send it ringtone audio. It's odd that my old Nokia played its ringtone thought the radio just fine and I'm using the same ringtone - the identical MP3 file - in the new phone.
    07-03-2013 04:39 AM
  5. Sergio Zamorano Ulloa's Avatar
    It is anoying. Sometimes i have to take my phone out just to see who is calling, missing the point (some) of having bluetooth headset.
    08-26-2013 05:15 PM
  6. gwinegarden's Avatar
    I've had various phones and bluetooth combinations and none have ever played the ringtone on the bluetooth unit. In every case, the bluetooth unit had its own ringer.
    08-26-2013 09:45 PM
  7. ReefRing's Avatar
    I just switched to the Nokia 1520 after using the iPhone 4s for 2 years. The iPhone played the same ringtone in my stereo bluetooth LG-HBS700 as was playing on the phone. I don't get the same result with the Nokia, it's some random chime. ANNOYED!
    12-16-2013 03:30 PM
  8. Mastahh's Avatar
    Is there any info about this?
    Because my Nokia N8 was playing ringtone in car speaker, but Lumia 820 doesn't play.
    So as always MS is sucks :)
    08-27-2014 05:18 PM

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