1. rAj06's Avatar

    I've been using 920 for a couple of months now. However, I've not been able to logon to Citi bank India website no matter how much i try.

    When i open the url:


    And click on login to citibank online, it brings the page saying "To access your Citibank Online account, we request you to login only through the following URL: www.citibank.com/india "

    I've tried using UC Browser and it doesn't help either. I'm able to access this on my Galaxy tab. And was able to use it on my xperia s as well. Citibank doesn't have an app for wp yet! Any clue why this could be happening?

    And i face the same issue on my wife's 620. So this shouldn't be a phone specific problem.
    07-09-2013 09:44 AM
  2. stmav's Avatar
    Have you contacted Citibank India regarding the web page? Maybe they have run into this before.
    07-09-2013 01:48 PM
  3. crash1989's Avatar

    I have faced the same issues too. It is to do with IE on Windows Phone, it works fine on Windows 8. Call them up via Citiphone and enquire.
    07-09-2013 01:59 PM
  4. Lakshman Guntu's Avatar
    Try using their mobile site

    Citi Mobile
    07-09-2013 04:18 PM
  5. rAj06's Avatar
    Citi mobile site is working fine.. I almost forgot about a possible mobile website! 😉😁
    Calling bank ... Im not sure what they can do. Anyway i ll give that a try.
    07-10-2013 09:59 AM

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