08-05-2013 05:53 AM
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    My 1st android phone was Samsung Galaxy GT-i7500 (1st Galaxy in history of Galaxies) and he came with android version 1.5, after month or two he got 1.6 but only for people who knows how to flash it (no OTA in those days). That was last update for that phone ever! They drop support for it... from that days untill now I was using vaste models of android but never again Samsung. At least our lumias will get updates, so... please shut up!!!

    @Yadash Limbu
    For you and other "no apps" whinnies: You should have inform yourself about application availability before you jump from particular OS to other OS. No heart feelings but you are sole and only guilty for that. So... please shut up!!!

    BTW I am using lumia 620 now.
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    08-05-2013 05:53 AM
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