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    Read it fully

    Here's are some reasons :

    1.Integrated Facebook Doesn't work properly (check-in occasionally doesn't work , Facebook chat couldn't connect at times and sent messages sometimes not received by others).

    2."Other Storage" issue is still not fixed properly , Nokia cleaning app or shrink storage app only help to solve the problem to some extent.

    3.Notifications : Main issue I face is , Buggy notifications especially toast notifications.Lets say that I am doing something on my device and a toast notification came out , I press that and I go straight to the app but when I come back to the homescreen , I still see "1" or some number on that app.It shows as if there is 1 notification which need to be seen.
    Lot of apps behave this way.and Lastly If an app is not pinned to start , there is no way to know if there is notification for that.

    4.Apps and Games : Some would be saying "This client is better than the first party app" , Yes I agree. Some clients are more beautifully designed than original apps and also work well.
    But here are two issues : Clients get new features much later than original apps and second is you must pay for some (example : Official Youtube on iOS and Android are free while Metrotube is Paid)

    But I am fine with clients but still there is a need for official apps like Pulse , Flipboard (coming soon) etc. Some are arriving but still there are lot of apps which need to come.

    Late Updates : Lot of games/apps get new features much later on WP. I play simple games like cut the rope , subway surfers , ski safari , pudding monsters etc.Cut the rope got updated on iOS for new levels while WP8 version still in old version.Instagram Video feature also came out much later because client's dev needed time to update the app.

    Too late arrival : Cut rope time travel still hasn't arrived WP8 yet. Pudding Monsters also haven't arrived on WP yet.

    Poorly Optimized Apps : For example , WP8 Asphalt 7 graphics are a joke , Many effects are missing. It looks like "high graphics" instead of being "Ultra Graphics" (Not a fan of these kinds of games but couldn't stop noticing it)

    5.Store Updates are not at all notified , Even with medium size "store tile" on homescreen . Store tile gets updated in batches (for example , it suddenly shows 14 app updates , while no updates are shown 1 hour ago)

    6.Network Bug : I switch from 2G to 3G and network won't switch at all and remains on "E" . Sometimes when I switch to 3G , it immediately shows "H+" while some other times it doesn't......
    To solve this , I have to reboot the device.

    7."Chat App" Bugs : On 3G , Occasionally I don't receive any updates even when I am inside the app , It says "connecting" but never connects.While on Wifi , connection is instantly connected.

    8.FM Radio : OK , Coming in GDR2

    9.No Equalizer on Bluetooth Streaming : WTF MS/Nokia ? Why can't I use Equalizer on Bluetooth streaming , Only possible via earphones.

    10.Lock Orientation

    11.--Terrible Music Player : Can't display Lyrics , Sometimes Music Duplicates , No Scrubbing and Unified Media Controls w/ Ring Volume...
    ---Terrible Video Player : Can't choose between Multiple Audio Streams in a Video , Doesn't display Subtitles (Tried purchased iTunes movies from my library and even pirated ones etc.) and terrible thing is "Capacitive Keys" glow in full brightness when Video is playing during night/dark places while in Day-time capacitive keys are turned off when playing video (this is probably the most "basic" thing of all)....
    --Photos App : No Slideshow option , Photos stored in very Low resolution.

    12.Cannot attach Multiple docs on a Mail. Cannot forward the Mail w/ attachements until all attachments are fully downloaded. All Received Mails never download pictures or anything.I must go into Mail and then "download full content" to view "Entire Mail".

    I waited till now because I was under the impression that "next update" (which turned out to be GDR2) will solve most of the issues but it didn't , it turned out to be a small update.

    I will not say that other platforms are perfect or better but Android/iOS platforms got most of the "basics" rightly implemented while WP concept/design is superb but implementation is terrible.
    This is probably the first time I am going to sell a device within 6 months of usage.I used many devices for a minimum time of 4-5 years actively and some of them are working nice even now.

    Thanks for all being so supportive here.

    If there are any suggestions , Please do give them.
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