1. he_shark's Avatar
    This has bugged me for months, thought I should see if someone could help me.

    My main account/Microsoft Account only syncs Email. It doesn't sync contacts, calendars or anything else.

    Say for instance I want to add a contact, I only get my Gmail account as an option. I'm trying to get away from using Gmail, but whenever I want to add a contact on my phone I have to add them to Gmail which is why I thought it was time I sorted this out.

    Now I can add another account using the same credentials as my Microsoft account, but then I get duplicate emails. I just realised typing this I can probably do this and then disable sync emails with my main account - which I'm going to try now - but I'm sure there's a more elegant solution.


    08-15-2013 09:59 AM
  2. TripsG's Avatar
    Somewhere along the way my Lumia 920 created my original live.com account that is only email and then a 2nd live.com2 account popped up that does it all. I can't delete the original account nor can I turn on all of the calendars, contacts, ect in the live-1 account. While I'm not struggling with duplicate emails it does give me other duplicate things such as when I want to save a contact it asks me if I want it in Live-1 or Live-2. I would love an elegant solution as well, or at least an elegant explanation.
    08-15-2013 10:05 AM

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