1. bamboooooo's Avatar
    I while browsing internet come across some interesting things which includes links to a few things or an interesting paragraph I would like to share that with my friends on whats app, I am using Lumia 800 and internet I browse on laptop is there an easy way to share it on phone,
    08-17-2013 05:05 AM
  2. sueha's Avatar
    My suggestions:

    1. Camera copy/paste with Bing Scan
    2. Copy to OneNote
    08-17-2013 08:24 AM
  3. meandu229's Avatar
    I use a QR code extension on my browser(https://chrome.google.com/webstore/d...nlhcpfikgaogdg) just click it and it pops up the qr code straight away , search button -> bing vision and away
    08-17-2013 08:33 AM

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