1. chocolateyum's Avatar
    I want to get a used, as cheap as possible, windows 8 phone (AT&T) with a replaceable battery. What should I get?

    If there isn't a phone with a replaceable battery then is there one I can unscrew the back and replace the battery that way - like you can with iphones even though it's not an official "replaceable battery".

    08-17-2013 07:05 PM
  2. Boris Lozac's Avatar
    Lumia 520/521.
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    08-17-2013 07:08 PM
  3. nikhilr51's Avatar
    Lumia 520, replaceable battery and only costs $99 or so.

    The highest end WP8 phone with replaceable batteries are the ATIV S or the Lumia 820. (just fyi)
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    08-18-2013 01:07 AM
  4. chocolateyum's Avatar
    Got the 520. Great recommendation guys. I was going to get used originally but with it being so cheap even new, I just got a new one for the $99. Only thing I wish it had was 4G LTE but oh well, I'm using the phone like an ipod anyway so it really shouldn't matter at all.
    08-21-2013 06:28 AM

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