1. RackDaddy's Avatar
    I can't seem to get Flip-to-Silence to work on my 928.

    I have the ring volume set to 05/30, I flip the phone over (screen down), wait a minute and then call it. The phone still rings.. Am I not waiting long enough? (BTW, I do have the feature enabled in the Audio settings.)

    Thanks in advance!
    08-20-2013 10:10 AM
  2. ninjaap's Avatar
    You're supposed to flip it when it rings. The idea is that when the phone rings, you pick it up to look, and if you don't want to answer you place it screen down. The proximity sensor will recognize it being face down and ignore the call.
    RackDaddy likes this.
    08-20-2013 10:19 AM
  3. RackDaddy's Avatar
    Okay, so I totally misunderstood the concept here. I thought it was more of a "nightstand mode" where you could simply face it down to silence the ringer. The implemented way seems less impressive. ;)
    08-20-2013 10:24 AM
  4. ninjaap's Avatar
    That's actually a better idea! I always thought this implementation is a bit useless, because we can already silence our phones by pressing a button. But its not like this feature makes the phone worse, just another way of doing things.
    08-20-2013 10:28 AM
  5. Jason Drum's Avatar
    I was disappointed with this because I incorrectly assumed it was going to work for any sound coming out of the speaker. Would be very nice to easily silence music playing when people come to my office.
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    08-20-2013 11:40 AM

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