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    Chat Transcript
    info: Thank you for choosing Microsoft Store. An Answer Tech will be with you shortly.
    info: Privacy Statement
    You are now chatting with 'Yolly'.

    Yolly: Hi! Thank you for visiting Microsoft Store. This is Yolly. How may I help you today?
    You: Hi Yolly !
    Yolly: Hi! How are you today?
    You: Yes.. I'm trying to order a phone .. but it wont let me proceed. So I called the WP 800 number.. but have been on hold for 30 minutes waiting for a representative
    You: I'm good thanks how are you ?
    Yolly: I'm good, thank you. For purchase of Mobile, I'm more than happy to provide the support option that you need. Please call MSCC (Microsoft Customer Service). Their good contact number is 1-800-MICROSOFT (1-800-642-7676). They are available at 8 AM - 12 AM EST Monday to Friday and Saturday and Sunday at 12 PM - 6 PM EST.
    You: Ok.. I will try that number... but shouldn't be that difficult know?
    Yolly: I do apologize for that.
    You: That number sends me to technical support...
    Yolly: You may try to online, please go to Microsoft Store - Free shipping. Free returns. On everything, every day
    Yolly: **Microsoft Store - Free shipping. Free returns. On everything, every day
    Yolly: Is there anything else that I can help you with?
    You: I have been to the website.. that's how I got here... It wont let me purchase and upgrade my device on AT&T.
    Yolly: Please contact the number that I provide to further assist you.
    You: That is technical support not SALES !
    Yolly: You may advice them to transfer you to sales.
    Yolly: Is there anything else that I can help you with?
    You: LOL.. what JOKE ! No apparently you cannot help me !
    Yolly: I do apologize for that, As much as I love to assist you to place the order. Please contact again and please advice to transfer you to sales department.
    You: goodbye.
    Yolly: I do apologize. Once again, thank you for chatting with us at Microsoft Store. We appreciate your business. My name is Yolly. Have a great day!
    08-21-2013 11:46 AM
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    So whats your point?

    The person clearly stated you were in the wrong place. Too bad they couldn't tell you what they really thought with those bad mannors. I can take a pretty good guess however.
    08-21-2013 12:04 PM
  3. WayCool's Avatar
    LOL ! gsquared you are funny...

    I was in the right place I can assure you ! And my point is... it's no wonder WP is struggling when you cant even buy the a device from their MS' online store OR by telephone !

    I'm quite sure my manners were fully acceptable considering the representative insisted on sending me to the MS (not ms store) technical support line to be asked to be transferred to WP Sales ! Nevermind I spent a total (3 calls ) of 1 hour waiting just to talk to a sale representative via the phone number (see the number is in the attached image)

    My point is.. The LAST place a business should fail is in providing SALES assistance !!!!!! Please feel free to call the number they provided and see how that goes .. and while your at it.. give the number in the attached image a try and see how that goes as well.. HORRIBLE.. If you wish to defend their lousy sales service.. be my guest.. just don't be surprised if there are fewer WP devices out there because of it.. :) Good luck with it.


    Lose the fanboi'ism for a second and see the writing on the wall....
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    08-21-2013 01:56 PM

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