1. daveymoll's Avatar
    Is there any WP8 phones for sale that have the back key on the right hand lower part of the phone instead of left hand side. I know it sounds stupid, but I use the phone in the right hand and find I use the back key a lot, and therefore constantly stretching my thumb to reach the back key.

    Or is there any apps or software that will allow me to change the settings of the keys, although it may be a minor problem to some its a problem that hampers the use of the phone, especially coming from Android where they are all on the right hand side

    08-21-2013 03:42 PM
  2. Corepc's Avatar
    No On Both counts
    08-21-2013 03:51 PM
  3. Xpider_MX's Avatar
    You can't change the behavior of the keys. Sorry.
    08-21-2013 03:56 PM

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