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    So i purchased a app around august end with my credit card which was due to expire,as usual i was able to download the app. But now i got an email saying the transaction was not succefully done on the day of purchase as a result it was billed when my card expired and so the payment was not done. So the email stated that my account will be suspended from downloading/buying anything unless i update my card info etc so as per the the email i went to update it,so i have few problems,
    1) i can update my card's expiree date but can't update my ccv number,how do i update that?
    2) after updating the date,on billing page of my account under transaction it still shows the resubmit for the payment in procedure,so what's going on?
    3) i have another (debit) card as well,but the transaction can't be made from it as its still stuck with the old card's resubmit procedure.
    4) and whenever i try to delete my credit card,i can't cause i always get an error,why?
    09-06-2013 03:45 PM
  2. Corepc's Avatar
    Update you Account Info via a PC or through IE.

    09-06-2013 04:40 PM
  3. CaptainChunk41's Avatar
    Update you Account Info via a PC or through IE.

    I tried it from there,in fact i was referring this only,im really worked,i don't want my account to be suspended but even at this moment the payment is still in pending status :(
    09-06-2013 11:31 PM

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