1. Chris Sandiford's Avatar
    When syncing via this tool my photos ended up in My Pictures/From Lumia 820.
    Anything new was added there too, so far so good.

    When I got a pile of duplicate songs following GDR2 etc etc (we all know the problems), I reformatted the card and synced my photos to get them back.
    However they ended up in a separate folder called My Pictures/From Lumia 820/ and then Camera Roll, Saved etc.. instead of at the root level.

    Am I using it wrong?
    09-08-2013 05:36 PM
  2. PB_H's Avatar
    Don't use it just use Windows Media Player to sync or I just copy and drag music etc to either the phone or SD card.
    I synced just one album to Music using the WP Crapp for Desktop and it synced videos and deleted videos from Photos to
    Music, if I wanted that I would have checked Videos, but deleting some ? I have no idea why that happened..

    Also in Settings > music+videos don't "Connect with Xbox" don't connect w/ "Xbox Music cloud collection"
    09-08-2013 06:53 PM
  3. Chris Sandiford's Avatar

    I reformatted my card and tried to use Windows Media Player. I synced 1 album. When I checked on the phone I had 1600 songs and hundreds of artists. None of which would play. WMP had picked up an old sync file (16MB) from c:\User\Me\Local\App Data\Microsoft\Windows Phone.

    I deleted the file, reformatted, resynced and got my album.. but with two of every track, none of which would play...

    I also noticed that even just using the SD card, there was still music files appearing on my c:\Lumia 820/Phone.

    I tried taking photos and each time I got two, straight away, even in preview through the camera. So I removed the SD card and took a photo - and still got two of every photo too..


    Dragging photos also has given me duplicates. Because the Desktop Crapp wouldn't sync to the right place I used this method.

    I'm going to hard reset I think and start again from a blank baseline. I think there's files and hidden stuff which is still causing me problems.

    Nothing this simple and concept-proven should be this difficult.
    09-09-2013 03:36 AM
  4. Paul Verizzo's Avatar
    Perfect examples of how auto-syncing is so often a disaster. I never have, never will trust it, regardless of the purveyor. My experiences with syncing go back to 2000, when there was a private label "app" to use on my Nokia 9000il Communicator. It gave total yes/no control. And then Nokia did with its varios suites right up to now. I've also used My Phone Explorer on and HTC Android. The very best. Never a lost item.

    I've had SkyDrive wipe out NON-skydrive folders! I now use SyncDriver syncDriver for SkyDrive - SkyDrive Client Done Right instead of the default MS tool. It allows me to shut off bidirectional syncing. I only sync from my PC to Skydrive. If there are new goodies on my phone, I can transfer them directly to my PC via USB, or download from Skydrive.
    09-09-2013 07:00 AM

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