1. brunoadduarte's Avatar
    So... Instagram just updated their UI to match iOS7... Does it look like it should be somewhere else at all or what?


    The camera UI is from the old iOS so it doesn't match anything... But the rest of it? I'd just change the glyphs on the bottom grey bar and we'd have an official WP client for Instagram.
    09-26-2013 10:35 AM
  2. AndyCalling's Avatar
    It's not a bad thing that Apple have adopted Microsoft's Metro interface. Now, iPhone owners will get to enjoy lovely Metro apps like we do, and iPhone apps ported to WP will look good off the bat. Nice. Unfortunately Android users are still using a legacy UI but you never know, Google might adopt Metro in future (though I have my doubts...).
    09-26-2013 10:51 AM
  3. anon(123856)'s Avatar
    I can't wait until we start hearing how Windows Phone copied Apple...
    09-26-2013 03:43 PM

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